Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sexy Splatoon Inklying Guy And Girl

Gonna kick start the long weekend early, with some art from FallenAngel.  Knowing the Splatoon addicted I have become, he sent me some very special fan art of not only the Inkling male, but the girl as well! Both are showing off their goods, making members of the opposite sex squirt something other than Ink. It's a PG preview of things to come Splatoon wise around here!!! I hope you guys enjoy Fallens first take on these wonderful new Nintendo characters!

There is some neat, but very expensive Splatoon merchandise appearing online these days.  These official plush squids run for about $50 on Ebay..YIKES. 

Hopefully the key chains that were just announced today will be a bit more affordable:

The beach towel is a Club Nintendo of Japan exclusive, so it runs for about $100... No thanks. It's not even that nice and I doubt the quality is any good.

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