Monday, July 20, 2015

Twinky Servamp Cat Man Kuro Jerks Off By Kagami

Hey guys, I got the cure for the Monday night blues, some super smashing art by Kagami! On a whim I purchased the manga for Servamps a couple months ago. I really like it.  The concept of the lazy vampire, Kuro who would rather eat chips and watch TV instead of biting people is pretty charming.  Certainly not the lead role type you usually find in this genre.  The fact that he and his master share a boy crush will certainly help attract some yaoi lovers.  In fact, the whole manga is one huge sausage fest, with relationships between guys, being the central theme. (At least in volume 2 anyway.)  Oh, did I mention Kuro can change into a black cat? That's why he has such unique hair!   I wish the translation was a little better.  If I'm finding grammatical mistakes you are in trouble. :P

Being infatuated with Kuro, I asked Kagami to please create the beautiful vision below for myself and fans of the manga!  He totally NAILED the character.  I was knocked off my chair at how lovely he drew Kuro.  I would say this piece is much better than most of the art that graces the pages of the manga!  Of course Kagami gave him an even nicer build then the muscle lacking frame he has within those tomes. 

Lazy Kuro can't stop eating his chips long enough to jerk off.  His salty fingers are making his uncut dick extra sticky and salty. He's offering you a taste?  What would you say to sucking on a vampire twink? If he goes to sleep while you suck him, don't take it personally.  He is the embodiment of sloth after all. 

Here is some of the official art for the manga!

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