Friday, July 31, 2015

Stor and Ond

Hey guys, as the sun sets on the final day of July, it seems Lastmanouthere has one last burst of heat to share.  He created a very special painting. probably his most visually stunning piece to date! I have the honor of sharing this with you guys tonight.  I could not be prouder of my friends skills.
On top of once again drawing his beloved barbarian character, he has finally named him STOR.  His blond companion you may recall from an earlier post, Ond makes for a perfect big and bad pairing of two rogues.  Lastman used the language of Norway, where he currently resides in his inspiration in naming them. 

The boys belong to a rogue faction within Iggy's world. They aren't evil per say, but they are part of an opportunistic and savage civilization.  The lack many of the abilities of the peaceful tribe's shamanic arts.  This forces them to prey on other people rather than risking encounters with Bones in the depths of the steppe. (And you think Ond would be so civilized based on his clean cut hair wouldn't you???)  These rogues don't have the ability, or the abundance of lifewater, to maintain bone armor.  Bone elements are scarce, so they rely much more on metal and blades than the Bone Hunters. When they encounter Bones, they try to completely destroy them, instead of collecting and sealing the evil in the bones, hence earning them the name CRUSHERS in Joni's tribe.

The hunk Stor is the leader of just one Crusher tribe. The tribe is very small, as there is not enough lifewater to ward and reproduce where they live. In spite of his advanced age (40, which is advanced for the local standers!) he personally leads raids on the tribes' caravans and traders.  He also has no problem fighting against the odd Bones they encounter. He acknowledges Joni's strength and magnificent body, but won't hesitate if survival means he has to attack or kill anyone of the 21st tribe, the leader included. When word on Iggy's arrival got to him, he was intrigued regarding the stranger and his mysterious abilities.  He wonders if it will help or hinder his own plans.

Stor's on-and-off companion is the blond, slim Ond. Ond is what can be considered the Crusher's version of a shaman, but due to the historic reasons for the split between Rogues and Hunters, Ond's shamanic powers are much weaker. He can't seal Bones, for example, but he can weaken them so that others can crush them to dust. He can also maintain bone armor, but to a lesser extent than the shamans in the Tribes. Ond is not a sympathetic fellow, in a way.  He is more indispensable to the group than the leader Stor and he knows this. He gets his way more often than not, whether it is about what to eat, or who to fuck. (s it turns out, he is kind of a whore.) -the blond hair was a dead giveaway-dp.  Despite his slutty activity and self righteousness, he does come back to be in Stors arms from time to time.  Both do recognize the usefulness of allying to control the rest of the group without opposition.

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  1. it feels so classic fantasy novel cover :D great work! - FallenAngel



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