Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cum For Sparta! Zahn Blows King Leonidas

I'm delighted to present this image tonight. As I myself, prepare to chow down on a huge, hot sausage fresh off the BBQ, so dose Zahn savor a juicy jumbo as well. I would prefer the far more tastier dish Zahn is enjoying. The super meaty uncut dick of King Leonidas, is a meal truly worthy of a gay warriors palate. FallenAngel is serving up 4 times the sausage this May 24 holiday, with this second awesome paring.  The exotic background serves to add more fun flavor to this piece.
Is it me, or is the man in the moon watching these two?

Queen?  What Queen?  We all know Leonidas was really all about fucking his 300 warriors.  Zahn just 'pushed' him into the realization.
This is a piece that I have been itching to turn into a full comic project for a couple months. I guess you could say this was done to test the waters and see how well these two work together. What do you guys think?  Shall I go ahead with this?



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