Friday, February 14, 2014

Last Blade Valentine

Good evening everyone. Time for a sleepy Valentine's day post, featuring the sexy art of Zerimar. As a sweet gesture of love, he drew up Hyo Amano from Last Blade!  He drew him minus his signature arm concealing robe, with just his skimpies on that is! Amano, a silly, flamboyant character makes for a beautiful Valentine hunk when done by Zerimar's talented hand.  I sometimes wondered if he was gay due to pink attire?  And their might be something to think about regarding his um...shall we say less then bright nature?  Like, does he even know that he is gay?  Does he know all too well and his one affair has led to his constant drinking, in hopes of forgetting that he once fucked a girl?  Is his love of woman all for show?  :P  I doubt it, but it's fun to look way to far into this due to the color of his clothes, then I know I should be!

This year I dug up some of my old Valentines featuring Garfield and friends to share with you. As a kid I liked this set a lot more then the ones that replaced them in the late 80s. These featured a few cast members from the comic, as apposed to later ones that just featured the fat cat. Kinda sad that even here, Arlene doesn't get her own card and that John and Liz are totally left out. Oh well. I thought these were awesome when I was 9 years old. XD

I got a wonderful Valentines day surprise from Class Comics, but more on that tomorrow! For now I bid you all a good, romance filled night! I hope your day was as exciting as mine was.


  1. Those Garfield pictures are hilarious ! The image of Zerimar has this romantic, sexy hunk look over it. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thank you for the nice comment Karoline :) I worked hard to get that picture done in time!



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