Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Woolly Rhino Bros Keratis and Banyon Appear from the pen of Roalli!

Well today I have MUCH to share. But first off a post that is a day late. Straight from the tundras of Asia and Europe the Woolly Rhino bros!!!

Now the story of these two actually goes way back. OK not that far back, but into some time in late May. I drew a sad looking, really bad doodle of a Rhino man that was kinda Gothic looking. Mashi was the first one to take a crack at him. I loved her takes, she did them quickly in digital. And I always wanted to explore her design further.

The card you see in the background is from a very famous book Prehistoric Animals The Extraordinary Story of Life Before Man from the early 1970's. It's an amazing book filled with models of dinosaurs, ancient fish and extinct mammals. If you can find it on E-bay I highly recommend picking it up. The models were also featured on a deck of cards in the 1980s. This look has the character with really thick hair. I like it!

Instead of just thick bushy hair this has a more teenage feminine look, kinda like a goth, or emo kid. Again I actually really liked this.

Well I had been taking not of the artist Roalli this days. His take on Victor and other recent images really caught my attention. I figured, if I am going to do a Woolly Rhino I should go to a beef cake expert like him for sure! This guy turned out to be one of the most friendly artist on the Y!gallery.

What a super nice guy the Roalli is. He worked so hard on these two. Even before he knew what I wanted him to draw he was so into the commission he was sending me sketches!

He talked to me all evening regarding the character and what I wanted. He showed me various body types and I showed him rough sketches, hair styles and models. I have TONS of sketches from him! He combined all the best elements and came up with the Rhino Keratis on the left of your screen. He gave me too body types to choose. I was in love with the husky build character type that as well as Keratis. Through the advice of a friend I decided to ask if we could do both. And well here they are!

Not only did Roalli show me the steps, he sent me videos of him creating the boys as well! I have never had that pleasure before! He even added music! WOW!!! I got the royal treatment! :) I just sat transfixed to my screen with my mouth open the morning I viewed it.

These are the newest addition to the prehistoric series; two woolly Rhino bros, so hairy even their shafts have hair! (Thanks for going with me on that one Roalli!) I know that won't be up to everyones tastes but I have seen it in real life and after hearing about it for years on Howard Stern, I wanted to expose the condition a bit more give it to some some sexy characters.

I love them, from the thick foreskin, to the awesome circumcision mark. (Something Roalli is know for and another feature that attracted me to his art.) These boys are smoking. I wanted to go with a kinda Indian/Asian influence with Keratis and I have to say I couldn't be happier with him. His hair is perfect, his shag wonderful and his eyes to die for. An excellent mix of animal and human. :) Your hard work has really paid off big time. You rock!
Banyon is a powerhouse of creature. Sexy and spectacular. I love his board chest and his strong, yet gentle face. The perfect match of a lover. Both look like they could take on anyone in a fight.

I really love all the shading on both and that background is right out of every old prehistoric book I grew up with!
If you haven't asked Roalli for a commission yet, you had better! This guy is one of the strongest up and comers I have had the pleasure of meeting. Hope we can do more together when you are free!

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