Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lounging With The Bull Aneros Style

Good Saturday moooo-orning to you all. I gots a sweet gift from Aneros a couple days ago.  One that I am very pleased to present to you!  It's Lightning, our Apis Bull demigod, straight from the shower and directly into your sights!  This muscled, massive, mancow is not doing a very good job hiding his meter long beef jerky under that towel is he?  Even covered this is not safe for work!  (Is anything Aneros does ever though?)  So scroll down (Like you haven't already) and unleash the beef lovers meat supreme!

Dammmmn Aneros is trying to give us all heart attacks with a view like that.  I can't just image the warm that that moist cock head breathing into my ass.  Feeling the sticky rope of precum, still attached deep in his piss slit, pulling my flesh as he moves his cock back from it's initial inspection!  If the cock head didn't pull you apart the massive shaft and snake like veins certainly would finish the job quick!   I hope you guys like this, cause I am done. I need towel and a shower now!

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