Sunday, February 12, 2017

Amron Fucks The God Of War

This year for his birthday, FallenAngel and I decided to bring back on old love of Leons, Kratos the God of War. As a series, while it remains to be seen, it certainly appears to have seen the last of it's main characters iconic design.  We know the character will forever remain a favourite of Leons along with Lara Croft.  In fact I am surprised he never paired those two in any private images. :P  Well, this is a gay blog and Leon is definitely that wasn't gonna be our plan. (Hears FallenAngel quietly sobbing.)   We of course choose our favourite Filipino warrior Amron to bring the God of War to his knees! Of course FallenAngel did a smashing job of it!  Poor Leon got this on the train to work and dared not sneak a peek till after he got home.

We also decided to send him something a little less hard core!  A sweet pairing that I left entirely up to FallenAngel to conceive.  This came about through our mutual inspiration from Leon and his boyfriend Alex's images from their trip to the Cook Islands. We decided to show his heroes following their creators travel plans.  Amron has a nice golden tan, while Sabell is just starting hers.  It was lovely to see a sweet romantic side of the characters again after so long.

Last year for Christmas I got Leon the Kratos action figure from Japan. It was actually very reasonably priced, since I bought it FROM Japan.  His love for this figure is what prompted the image above!

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