Sunday, September 8, 2019

Warren Is Playing Shark Games By Leon De Leon

Continuing the Birthday for master Fillion...

It's now time for Leon to make his mark, with a video game featuring a shark!  Shark-A-Gotchi from 97, being played by a man with a body from heaven!  Raise him right and he will do your every bidding, Warren playing in hopes of getting closer to Mako.  Who does he think he's kidding?!  

I have been giving Warren a lot of love these days thanks to all his recent appearances.  He has always been a cutie, no denying.  Now that he has a transformation, he has risen high in Class Comics ranks!  I asked Leon about him doing him together for the first time.  I told him I had this idea for him that involved sharks.  It was a bit comedic, but not very personal to each of us in theme.  Then, I thought about adding in the Tamagotchi.  A Shark-a-Gotme was the original name.  That was not a good name, so we scrapped it.  We wanted something he would be playing to raise a shark that would love him.  A little nod to his desire to better take care of sharks and deal with his own shark issues.  In doing so, it might show to Mako how much of an interest he has in Sharks outside of work.  Are we hinting on that possible hidden passion he has for Mako?!  Darn right!  That is why he is blushing!  That shark changing is reminding him of growing up with Mako and watching him change.  I can totally see him rushing into Makos room in the middle of the night to show him the latest Tama evolution.  (Only to stumbling in on Mako jerking off to pictures of Warren. AWKWARD!) 
The other ideas that were left on the table for him, might just surface some time soon.  We talked also about other characters, but Warren was my number once choice,  due to the fact that we had never done anything with him before now.  You know, I am actually shocked there is no shark tamagotchi out there.  At least no official ones.  I know they had a sea variant, but that could evolve to any kind of sea creature and was only released in Japan.  Maybe one day.  It is funny how something that people wrote off as a fad is still popular today.  In the early 2000s I thought they stopped making them.  Boy was I wrong!  Over the years Leon De Leon has really opened my eyes on all the new types and features they have.  Over the years we have hunted down and spoken at length about how the games keep evolving.  I am a huge fan of LCD style games.  It is absolutely incredible where the technology has gone in 20 years.  EB Games is selling the newest and the original ones at the time of posting!  

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the sketch as well!  Enjoy! That is all pencil on paper folks. :D 

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