Monday, March 14, 2011

Presenting the Bone Hunter Twins Anuar and Thallid of Yesterworld by Lastmanouthere

Okay for a few weeks I have been teasing people that read this blog that Lastmanouthere had something very cool in the works. I am extraordinarily proud that I could be the one to present his two newest creations to the world today. I want to apologize to everyone that this took so long. I thank Lastmanouthere for his greatly appreciated patience. Now I gotta say both men turned out really fabulous. Watching him create more prehistoric themed characters was a delight. I got to see them grown from simple sketches to completed drool inducing pin ups. Lastmanouthere has this unprecedented skill at creating sexy outfits for his boys so quickly and with the greatest of ease. He just seems to pour these costumes as perfectly and effortlessly onto his men as a baker placing cake mix in a mold. Maybe Lastmanouthere needs to consider a career in erotic fashions, though very few men on Earth would fit as well into them as wonderfully as his own creations.

Lastmanouthere is a big Nintendo Fan. I have to wonder if that is a Yoshi inspired Melon he is presenting and if indeed he has a beast similar to the beloved dinosaur in his possession.

With his baby face and slightly less fearsome costume, Anuar truly is the friendlier of the two men. His muscular body is adorned with beautiful leather and dinoskins. The smooth saurian gear matches well with his naturally soft skin. A silver chain matching his exotic hair graces his hips, inviting all to take in the spectacle of his uncut dick. So welcoming is his design that in fact even the horns placed on his shoulder seem to mimic fingers beckoning one forward for an embrace.

Thallid is the battle hardy twin. The serious one as Lastmanouthere puts it below. His face and hair and perfectly sculpted body boast the same sexiness as his brother, but his costume was made to show the world his true demeanor. Spikes can be found from his belly button to his toes. Say the wrong thing and you'll get a knee to the abdomen you might not be able to stand up from. Thillid's costume also comes with a partial skeleton of some sort of thecodont of the late Permian period. In fact the desert background reminds me of the widespread deserts found in the later time periods of the era these animals appeared in. It gives me visions of a lost lonely world, where the silence of the sands is only occasional broken by the wind, or the screeching of beasts in battle. I can see him bringing the thing to life to scout low along the tops of dunes for enemies he would rather avoid, keeping his traveling companions safe.
One aspect of his costume coupled with one feature of his build, foretell a possible very different side to Thallid. I am referring to of course, the two giant rib bones and his massively powerful thighs. Those meaty legs have been fulling more then a few fantasies of mine. I can see them steadying his body and pushing his thick dick up into the bowels of young men that hold on tightly to his his chest as he rocks them into new heights of ecstasy. The stance Lastmanouthere did seems to confirm to me that my suspicion he is indeed a very powerful lover is well founded.

Here is the their introduction as written by Lastmanouthere:

Anuar and Thallid are twins from the village of Alanda, a small town near where Iggy initially "appeared" in the Yesterworld. They are part of the Bone Hunter Clan, a type of warriors who adapted from hunting dinosaurs for food, to hunting the skeletal demons that slowly began to dominate Yesterword and, eventually, the earth. In fact, Anuar and Thallid are the children of Jimah, one of the very first Bone Hunters, who died just after they were born, leaving them with nothing but a pale memory of their father, and a huge legacy to live up to.

Jimah, along with his group, discovered the way to destroy the Rathi, demonic dinosaurs bought to unlife by dark magic of unknown origin. The techniques passed down to them are the key factor in protecting the small communities of the deserted Infernal Valley.

Anuar is the "good" twin, always smiling and cheering up everyone. He takes his job as seriously as any other Bone Hunter, but he prefers to look at the bright side of things. His weapon is a collapsible quarterstaff, which he uses either joint, or as a pair of Kali sticks. Thallid, on the other hand, is dead-serious about most things, usually being labeled as the grumpy one. His brother's incessant teasing often contributes to his foul mood, but he is also very sentimental, resorting to a cool facade to hide his very sensible heart. He prefers to act carefully and tactically in combat, for which he uses a retractable morning-star like weapon.

Like most other people on Yesterworld, the twin's idea of clothing consists on pieces of armor casually covering parts of their body, as well as gemstone and bone ornaments that provide mystical protections against the Rathi. Anuar and Tallid were entrusted by Mian, the sage that foresaw Iggy's arrival, to train the geek-turned-into-hunk earthling so that he could go back to Earth and defend it from the Rathi threat. Both brothers took a liking to the newcomer, though they manifested their appreciation in different ways. Their relationship was nothing short of intimate, though, with the brothers often competing among themselves, and against other men of the tribe, for the chance to mate with muscled Iggy. In a few occasions, they would join Iggy in Earth, where they would complain about modern lifestyle, like the laziness that is buying food instead of hunting it, and specially the pointlessness of clothing, specially when one is so physically desirable as they know they are!

By Gerry "Lastmanoutherre"


  1. Really nice stuff here today! :333 I love the abs. It's looking very well done! They also have a really good intro written out down there. ^^ You guys have a great imagination. XD Don't let that slip away!

  2. Thanks Busiris. Actually the characters, story and art were all Lastmanoutheres doing. :D I had the pleasure of presenting them to the world and giving my thoughts on them. :)

  3. Lastmanouthere, dahling would you prefer doing some good fashion suit? it looks good :D LOL* great work there, pal. But I agree of DP, you got sense of fashion for men from casual to the wild side! - FallenAngel



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