Thursday, March 31, 2011

FallenAngel Presents: Vann Illia The Barbarian Mini Comic 1: Captured!

Hey guys! Well it was a lot of fun work, but FallenAngel and I finally have the first story of Vann Illia the Barbarian ready to share. I have to really thank Fallen, who is just amazing to watch set himself feverishly to work. The process was freaking awesome. I also have to give a HUGE ass shout out to Caravaggia who helped develop the character Zalu. You will see her work on him tomorrow. It's was one of the hardest images to ever have to hold back. Lastmanouthere who pushed me to really sit down and do this thing right, deserves a huge hug. It was his suggestion to really flesh out Vanns life. This isn't the longest comic, (Though to tell the truth we could have kept it going for a lot longer) nor were we trying to break the mold with the story telling. It's just something we hope you will find as fun and hot as we did writing and drawing it. Please feel free to leave comments.

Vann removes the giant cock from his mouth and in one swift movement shoves most of his own cut cock deep into the Centaurs piss slit as he can. Vann thrusts his hips up and down as much as he can without slipping out. Equinnus becomese weak at the knees. He kneels at the insanely intense pleasure.

Zau had been watching the whole time from across the room. Vann saw him standing there with his hands on his hips and a raging hard on growing between his hind legs. Vann placed a finger on his lip, smiled and motioned Zalu over. He noticed that his foreskin still covered his head tightly. Vann spied a long bead of precum coming out of the tip that trailed almost down to the floor. Vann blushed and giggled as he watched it dangle back and forth as the mighty centaur trotted forth.

Zalus foreskin has not easy to pull back. Vann started first by diving a few fingers in. Then when it was lose enough Vann worked his entire hand feverishly around under Zalus foreskin. Slowly he pushed back the soft, but thick skin.

After giving Zalu a satisfying hand job, Vann turned over on his back. He prompted the great Centaur to insert his huge penis deep inside him. Equinnus obliged and filled him as much as he could, noting to himself the ease that the young barbarian took his massive meat. Zalu only stood idle for a minuet before mounting his love, Equinnus.

After what seemed like forever both Equinnus and Zalu announced they were at their limit. Vann begged them to let him taste centaur cum for the first time. He turned over and started to jerk off Equinnus's big sensitive dick. Zalu dismounted and Vann noticed he was already starting to orgasm uncontrollably. He had already begun to shoot a little as Vann laid his hand on him. The Two Centaurs came all over Vann, literally drenching him in a shower of hot gooey cum.
Later Equinnus explains that he wanted to teach Vann to be the perfect horse back rider. Vann accepted the training and the three began a life long friendship. Equinnus and Zalu from then on became respected advisers to the young warrior.

END! For now! XD

This is Fallens first story to feature centaurs, so I hope you guys will leave some words of encouragement for him. He did an amazing job. I especially love the anal image. How he got them holding hands and embracing like that I don't know, but it gave me chills! XD Thank you FallenAngel, you are a credit to your craft. :)

I am going to hate myself in the morning, but here are some of my sketches I did regarding the story. By creating a rough batch of sketches as well as typing up the story, Fallen can then visualize the entire comic and lay it out in his own head. It leads to open discussions that bring forth new ideas and better ideas as well.


  1. *fans self*

    Well I do DECLARE! ^.^

  2. Oh thank you guys, glad you enjoy our collaboration project :D

  3. Really nice comic structure and execution by Fallen. :3 I like the B&W mixed with color there.
    Plus your sketches! XD I love those too. You're really good with varied (mostly happy) expressions! X3 I enjoy that a bunch. Keep up the good work on those, DP. ^^

  4. LOL Jubell! XD
    Thanks Adonix! :D
    Hee hee Thanks Mr. Bu! I did those REALLY quickly as I was very excited to start the project.



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