Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Buff Dore Be in Danger By MLM4anemone! :D

"Ooooh Weeeeeee Ooooooooooh" Dore Sings out. The Master rider of Ichthyosaurus feels so free and alive, his cock flaps in the salty sea breeze. He is having the time of his life, unaware that hungry eyes watch from close behind him.

This is my second commission from MlM4anemone and this time around we decided he should take on one this sites original characters. I noticed that MLM4 had eyes for Dore, so I offered this surfing idea to him. Gosh, did he buff him up, or what? Dore is a sexy tank! XD With all those muscles Dore could crush coconuts like they are scoops of ice cream. :P
MLM4anemone added to his character by giving him a few long dreads at the back of his head, which look pretty bad ass. With his new shading and coloring techniques he is able to give his creations even more definition and realism then every before. The thick larger then life uncut dick looks like it's a photograph of a real penis. The pink head shines with brilliance. Those big tight balls are ready to burst.

This image I proudly present today has the first prehistoric reptiles he has ever drawn. I was especially impressed by the old school style he drew the Icthyosaurus. As you can see from the images below he truly captured the essence of the early images of these great beasts. There is something very heart warming as a dinosaur lover to see someone recreate the same look found in the pictures people drew when first trying to bring these animals back to life. A time when people all over the world were captivated by the ancient struggle of these two great animals. Congrats MLM4anemone the image is a triumph of sexiness and nostalgia! :D


  1. Oh sure :) It was a delight messing up with such a hot prohestoric boy like Dore XD

  2. thats one long prehistoric guy to surf, mlm4anemone, awesome! - FallenAngel



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