Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ink-B

This is a special blog post in honor of my old buddy Ink-B. Ink's first characters were Juhh and Orion. They are two RPG inspired men who Ink one day wants to feature in a game, or comic. He came to me long ago saying how he really wanted to develop them, but had never done so. He has commented time and again how all the art of Lil' Deep has had a profound effect on him. How he can now see, hear and even smell Lil' Deep in his minds eye. I figured maybe a little art from other artists would help get his imagination going with these two.

When I sent out the images of Orion I also sent out a picture Ink-B drew large beast from his world called a Sea King. Subconsciously I know I was hoping Caravaggia would include it in her image! Hee hee. The massive beast looks awesome. Her beautiful painting of Orion has some very smooth youthful features. I love his booty bottom! :P Riding the beast like that, her Orion looks like he would go well on the cover of a side scrolling shooting style game of old!

This is the second time I have seen Lastmanouthere do an image of a black man and I gotta hand it to him, he has a natural knack for them. He gave him some great feature in his handsome face. Epecially those creamy lips and nice eyes. It's great how he has that massive bulge even though his pants are baggy. Says something about what he must be packing in there! I guess he has a special birthday candle for Ink-B! Lastmanouthere even included the script from Orions world on the wall. I wonder what it says? I really like this image of him just casually chilling in his space ship. ^_^

Karulox did a bust sketch of Orion for Ink-B. He went over the sketch and provided some very wicked shading to give him a very realistic look. Orions got this tall, thin, sexy build going for him here. :D His hair is all wild and frizzy! XD Love the huge muscles on his arms on his thin frame. He looks a little stressed from dealing with those constant random RPG battles! Can't move two feet with out an ambush! XD

FallenAngel took it up a notch when he heard that Ink-B was looking for a Princess for Orion to save. He took on the challenge of making a fitting damsel in distress and what a beauty she is! Inspired by all those great Edgar Rice Burroughs tales, she of course keeps her breasts exposed! :P She can see even with her eyes shut, which she must keep closed at all times. For you see, her gaze is deadly. Maybe it will be Orions quest to restore her normal sight. With hair made from an entire Galaxy, who wouldn't be charmed into helping her? Orion looks fantastic here, with his clothes torn from battling his way to her, nothing left but a staff to protect himself from the kidnapping hoards. It's the cover of a beautiful space opera!

Being a fellow Final Fantasy Fan Aneros really poured on the Square Style charm in his delightful sketch of Juhh, the friend of Orion. In fact, I would swear this was an actually Final Fantasy character if I didn't already know better! Aneros took the time to help define the characters costume, like his pants and boots. He even gave him a kick ass sword! Can't have a RPG hero with out a sword the same size as he is! It wouldn't be right! :D That shirt is pretty tight, I can see his sexy belly button through it! NICE! He's such a charmer shyly tilting his head like that and Aneros was such a sweetie for surprising me with this.

Ink-Bs original sketch from way back in 2004 was all Aneros had to go on.

In Urbanmusiqs version, Orion has become a man and his shirt no longer fits anymore, but that's not a complaint! The maidens will all swoon at that big exposed chest. He has grown among other things a very nice beard that makes him looks so manly. SIGH! I really love the blue on his pants and googles. :D They look like they would light up and glow. Maybe have pulsating lights running across the blue on his pants. This sexy action adventure style warrior look would fit well in any game. Chris Redfield would love to have Orion as a partner I bet!

Ending this with some of Ink-Bs original images of Orion. I hope these wonderful pieces inspire Ink to further develop his characters by taking elements from each! Happy Birthday Ink-B! I hope all your adventures this year have a happy ending. :)


  1. Juhh's shota version is cute :D must..take note..-Fallenangel

  2. I REALLLLLY WANNA THX EVERY ONE, THIS IS TOTALY COOL, thx for giving to Orion and Juhh some of your magic!! :):):)




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