Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rikuo and Donovan at the Beach by Seraphicreverie

The artist Seraphicreve presented me with an astounding gift in my inbox recently. I originally commissioned the artist again to do an image Rikuo and Donovan from Nightwarriors, after being floored by her work on Icarus and Medusa. The image went from being one pose, to a surprising comic page. My eyes lit up so much when I saw this, that I could have been used to steer ships away from rocky shores. :P I am extraordinarily grateful.

You have to love the naughty use of Donovans beads! Her take on Rikuo and Donovan rekindled my love affair with Capcoms supernatural men. I have not commissioned much of either of them for a long while. They look really hot and sexy in her sharp style. Rikuo is a vision as he kneels on the beach. He's got some powerful big legs. :P You just want to latch on to him and roll around on the sand. I missed this art, let me tell you. :) She gave Donovan a very realistic circumcision scar, with the vein ending right were it starts. That's some great detail right there! The penis head in the same frame shines beautifully as it is stretched to limit. At this point it is still tingling after the release and probably very sensitive. Maybe not as sensitive as the plump, erect, nipples on Donovan as he cums! I bet he would wince if Rikuo laid even the tip of a finger on them. ;P
Rickuos uncut cock has some well detailed foreskin that you can vision moving up and down very stickily over his tasty grape head! YUM! Rikuo has the sweetest blue eyes too!
Thank you very very much Seraphicreve! Such a hot unexpected treat really started this week off right!

You can find the amazing first image she drew for me here:

Angels and He-Men


  1. It's a comic page! Very cool. Complete with color and dialogue. A real treat, if I do say so myself! Good work to Seraph on that one, it looks excellent! X3

  2. beads turn into butt toy, nice idea XD :D naughty Rikou - FallenAngel



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