Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vann Goes Wild When Drawn By Raul

I think sometimes one of the most rewarding things I can do when commissioning an artist is to show them a small roaster of characters and ask them who they would like to take on. This means that you run a better chance of the artist finding a character they will truly enjoy drawing and from that, well, the sky can be the limit. Such was the case with my current commissions from Raul From The Rainbow Boys.

Out of the boys I paraded out, he took special interest in Kraw Lash and Vann. Kraw Lash's popularity among artist is refreshingly surprising. To see Raul draw inspiration from my simple sketch and Guytoonist awesome render made my day. He sent me a sweet bust image of Kraw Lash right away. In it he has all the grace and poise of a reptile king, not just a simple warrior. Those large expression filled eyes and gracious lips show very compassionate human emotions beneath his more coarse reptile features. He gave him a thick neck with what appears to be leathery skin. I love that he reminds me of a 1980s fantasy creature from the movies. Raul even saw that the image even it's way to his facebook page as a little teaser.

And this was just to wet my whistle. I was told this was just a little gift to act as a harbinger of things to come. Within a few days a completed version of his sketch was in my inbox ready to share with the world.

Raul made his face even friendlier looking, but at the same time made the features of the skull large and strong looking, fixating it on an equally powerful looking neck. As you can see he gave him a very large puffy pectorals that push far out over his scaly abs. This shows off the immense strength of his upper body. Such a look is perfect for a warrior.

It was very arrousing to see what kind of cock he would give him! That thick foreskin is as good a shield as his head crest, though 100 times for fun to touch and play with I would bet! He took the string of armor plates and turned them into an actual necklace and the diamonds markings he into actual jewel like nobs naturally encrusted in his arms. Cool! Now if you follow that perfectly round bottom to his tail you will see Raul explored how the rattle would blend in, by making the bottom scales gradually merge with it. Pretty neat!

Now comes his version of Vann. He brought some very hot ideas to the table with his take on him. First off he lengthened his hair in front significantly. Raul let me see him with some deep dark sexy eyebrows too. With wonderful hair and features like that he could be in a Calvin Kline add! This helped gave him a wild look and to couple it he applied some tribal paints to his cheeks and chin. I decided this would be a perfect winter look for the character. One he would adapt from training with tribes of the far north. I love the little ab crunch he is doing here as he strikes. What I like even more is that giant ruby cock head spilling forth it's load from his grapefruit sized balls right onto Rauls drawing table! Which would be possible in fantasy for as you can see these images were all wonderfully done by hand! Speaking of fantasy his art fueled me with many stories I jotted down with these two in the heat of passion. I hope to present them one day in comic form. If you would like a commission experience you will never forget follow the link below! :D


  1. *drool over them* - FallenAngel

  2. These are striking images, and I really like how the faces look. I can see that a ton of time and effort was put onto them. :D I'd say Guy made a great foundation and Raul took what he had and did his own equally super thing with it. Good work to everyone! X3



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