Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Apis Meets Equinnus In Style by Lion21

Gotta something really hot in my inbox just now that is gonna give me some sweet dreams! I hope it will do the same for you! XD It's a meeting of mythological muscle mammals by an Artist that goes by the name Lion21 Black. This artist hails from Italy. He is the forth artist I have had the pleasure of commissioning from there. Get ready for some major Centaur love:

Lion certainly has a gift in making his characters look very real and detailed with his wicked coloring and very detailed muscle structures. I would swear I was looking at a photo, especially when gazing at the great shading on the faces of Equinnus and Apis. Their hair looks amazing. The mens cocks have some of the thickest foreskins around. The shafts and foreskin are very well detailed, especially Apis, where Lion21 put various folded segments along the edge where the head is popping out. He also added some bunching where the crown ends and the shaft begins. The horse body as well looks fantastic. I love the way the human torso merges with the horse body. I could go on all night about his work. This beautiful painting is a much appreciated addition to my collection. Thank you very much Lion21! :D

The commission process went very smoothly. He did up a sketch, did any alterations, then requested payment. I watched as he went through many pieces in a very short time. He kept his journal up to date and did each image in order, so that each customer knew when it was their turn. Before I knew it, it was mine and this was waiting for me. So I can definitely recommend him to others.


  1. This is absolutely FABULOUS! Speaking as a man who LOVES centaurs, I've gotta congratulate you and Lion on this incredibly beautiful and expertly done image. Equinnus and Apis are wicked characters, and I really look forward to seeing more of Equinnus especially -- he's GORGEOUS!

    And as for Lion, his art is breathtaking. Truly superb work!! His attention to every detail and the obvious love he has for what he does is beautifully evident in his work and it's greatly appreciated.

    Great work, Dinosaurprince and Lion!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  2. hey, you should have a tumblr would be cool. this is my tumblr and if you do, find me there. :)

  3. Amazing. Really, amazing. All those muscles and sexiness, the colors, the faces XD

    This is indeed on of the bests posts in this blog, DP.

  4. The coloring is best I can say almost painting, smooth toning great work! - FallenAngel



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