Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally we get a Wii Sex game, oh Wait no WE Don't.

Not unless you live in Europe. This month Ubi Soft releases We Dare for the European market. Wii is so friggen region locked you can't even import this puppy. Ubi soft is so terrified of the reactions of North Americans it region locked the trailor. Too bad Ubi Soft, this is exactly what Youtube is for.
I would lament not being able to play this game, bu it's not like I have a league of swinger friends to play it with. None of my buds look half as good as the models in this video either. I am sure it will be really popular around college dorms and stuff, but outside of that, I can't see too many main stream gamers embracing it. Aren't most still socially lacking? :P Ah, but Wii is for everyone right? Now more then ever. Except for gay men. The guys never play the game with each other in the video and when they do in one of the endings, they are not having a good time. Funny, you would think Europeans and swingers would be more open to a little guy on guy action. Shame on you Ubi Soft.

Click the boxes at the end to see the various endings.

Bah, sex in video games is really nothing new. It was even found in mainstream games in the 1990s. We got to see Popful Mail lose her anal virginity on the Sega CD:

That wording is no innocent coincidence. The text is different for everything you pick up. This joke blew over my head at 17, but not this time Working Designs! You and your double entendres! :P
One Sega CD game also snuck in some balls. The ever classic Keio Flying Squadron!

Okay enough silliness. A new blog is coming up! :P


  1. "Cherry taken" oh gawd! yeah and some balls to show, they slip in those days, I mean heck Parodius got "condom" as a shiled for stick figure guys - FallenAngel XD

  2. Ha ha ha yeah the Condom in Parodius is the best! :P I remember my buddy freaking out and laughing so hard at that.
    Love the Giant balls in sexy Parodius too!
    In Flying sqaudron 2 they show a monkey's penis! :P

  3. Wow now that bairng it all - FallenAngel

  4. GHHK. That game looks AWFUL!!!

  5. LOL yes it does Kid, but the young guy is hot. I would play with him. :P

  6. Proving that it's still more fun to play with real life people than with games. ;)



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