Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Code Of Princess Gay Men Edition Code of PRINCE

Last Thursday I got the game Code of Princess for the 3DS.  It's an alright title.  It's very much a sequel to the classic Guardian Heroes.  This game however, has no real levels.  Instead, it throws you into one large 'room' after another, filling the area with a wave, or two of baddies for you to defeat before moving on to the next 'room.'  I have to wonder why they didn't make actual levels to progress through.  During the main campaign, there's a lot more story and art then there is actual game, which makes it feel a bit unbalanced.  I got a little sick of the cut scenes during the first 20 mins of play. 
 The campaign mode, once you do your best to skip all the voice acting, can be completed in a couple hours.  This would be so great, cause then it would be a blast to go through the story mode, old school style each day seeing each characters ending.  However, that would only be the case if there were endings for all the main characters.  Sadly, out of the 9 main characters, only 4 are playable in story mode and there are only 2 endings.  Of the 2 you can get, they seem very focused on 2 of the characters, leaving some questions about a least one of the characters fates.
Despite the dizziness and upset stomach I obtain from hours of play, I found myself returning to the game over and over during the weekend.  There are a bunch of bonus stages you can play after you beat the game.  Due to the games simple design, I can't fathom why the game creators didn't just throw these into rotation during the story mode.  Why not extend this version of the game and make you feel like you on an actual quest, instead of a quick stroll across one side of the kingdom and back again?  Was it because they feel a story mode needs voice acting before and after every stage? (DUMB.)  Since there are only 2 endings anyway, making the campaign longer certainly won't hurt it.  It's not like it needed to be shorter for quick run throughs with various cast  members.  I don't me there's no logical explanation as there are 'worlds' in the bonus stages that are not even featured in the story mode.  Why these were not used and others were reused over and over, is just ridiculous.  I don't get why they didn't make a map like in Mario Bros where you could choose the paths to go down, so playing story mode each time would be different and more exciting, instead of doing a linear set up.  Seems lame to have a potential and not use it.
STILL, playing the bonus levels is kinda fun.  Fun being in the eye of the player as there's no goal to them beside unlocking some more characters you can only use to beat the bonus levels, which..have no endings, or
Oh you can use them in online battles and shit, but the fun of Guardian Heroes was always playing through the actual game with your friends.  I don't really go for the whole playing with strangers thing.  I want a human to interact with.  There's little incentive to play with other people in this games story mode, even if you have friends with a 3DS, as each stage can be beaten pretty quickly (Some in a 20 seconds) by yourself.

Okay, all that aside, the game IS well made.  Yes it's just a button masher, yes the graphics are a mixed bag and yeah the voice acting can be really annoying, but the frame work of the title is solid.  Leveling up is fun and all the characters are pretty interesting.  It's only half as good as Guardian Heroes and it could almost be classified as a suped up ipad game sold for $40, but for what it is, it's pretty addicting.  So I would have to give it a 6, or a 6.5/10.  It's worth a buy, or will be once it's in the bargain bin for $14-20.  If you buy it now, you can get a bonus CD and art book with it, but the images in the book are found all over the place, many of them in the actual instruction booklet.  And the music CD?  It's worth is based on your enjoyment of the games music.  Personally I can't see myself wanting to hear these tunes outside of playing the game.  Not that they are bad, they are just not very memorable. So if you have to miss out to get the game cheaper, I wouldn't sweat it.

Oh heck, I just wrote a review...that wasn't the plan tonight! The plan was to talk about how oddly sexiest the games main character is dressed.  No, I kid. I like her design.  Reminds me of the good old princess.  (I.E. wearing next to nothing.)  Sadly none of the men in the game get this treatment!  After looking at so many images of Solange online, I decided to have some fun with the character and ask around about making a male version of her.  I thought it would be great to see him with his balls bulging out of his speedo/thong. Why shouldn't guys balls be shown a bit more like Solanges boobs? What gay man wouldn't want a game character like that? XD  FallenAngel was the first to take on this challenge.  He not only set the bar, but raised it pretty high with his beautiful take on Male Solange.  We had fun with every aspect of him, but especially with his cock and balls.  The first image shows him with a slightly smaller (most likely uncut) cock and testicles.  In the Second Fallen went all out and gave him a dick size to truly rival his female counterparts breasts.  Enjoy! :D I know I sure as heck did!   

Nifty statue.  Anyone got $200 to lend me to purchase it? XD Pfffffffffft...

This was the image that broke me! As soon as I saw it I said, THAT'S IT we're doing a male version of Solange.

Don't you just love that even the Nun is dressed slightly slutty? Oh you crazy Japanese game developers. :P I love this character. She's slow as molasses in January, but she is so powerful.  I beat the last boss in what felt like 2 hits with her!  Still, she has no individual ending. In fact, I don't remember her having anything to really say, or do in the ending.  Sad.

I like this little cat guy. I thought he would be playable in the story mode, but sadly, he's just the shop keep.  Oddly enough, the story mode often has cut scences with the characters talking about joining you in the fray, but this never happens. Only three times in the game do computer controlled characters join you, but in all three cases you have to defend them.

There's something very icky about a corpse in white panties.  I can just imagine what they must look like after she runs around for a bit.  YUCK.  Think of the yellow goo in the helmets the riot patrol zombies had on in the season opener of Walking Dead.  No wonder my stomach was turning.  It wasn't just the 3D effect!    ICK ICK ICK...

Here's a look at the instructions and art book:

My instructions were damaged...grumbles..

Here's another image that got me wanting to see a male version with his balls exposed a bit.  Just look at Solange! Is she even wearing panties, or a loincloth here? XD

Oh lord, how I hate the Elf Character.  He is so annoying. 

 This is from some $60 art book.  Don't you love it when they sell shit, that's $20 more then the game is, filled with art found IN the game? XD  Yeah that's not a fucking waste of money.  Gotta wonder why some of this wasn't in the 'free' art book...oh wait..yeah answered my own question there! :P  Honestly if it was like $20 I would consider purchasing it. I do like the character art for this title.  They did a nice job.


  1. Am I expecting a revoltech of them sometime soon? :D

    1. I don't know. The game bombed in Japan and here.



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