Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting PUMPED for Halloween.

Hey guys! Right in time for Halloween is an encore image from FeralElf of Belvadar.  After his last masterpiece he took on Bel two more times.  This is the first completed image.  Bevladar is getting pumped up with Pumpkins. pffft.  He's not fooling anyone, those hallow things can't be that heavy.  He better not fool around too much.  It takes real muscles to lift all those heavy bags of candy.  (Especially this year with the horrible winds and rain from Franksenstorm.)

 Belvadar pumps two two ways at once! :P

 Here is a cool alternate with some very different looking wings.  They are more arm like then his usual style.  They kinda remind of spider legs, which gives me a very demonic idea....

 I hope this image has got you excited for Halloween tomorrow! It's only a little while away now.  And I still have more Halloween art to share!!!!
I got this idea while watching a Daffy Duck cartoon, so here is a Halloween Classic featuring Daffy Duck and Dr. Jerkyl!  Enjoy!

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