Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Witching Hour Halloween Post 2012!

The Pumpkins have moved into the living room.  Their glow has created the perfect atmosphere for me to do this final Halloween post of 2012.  To end the season, I have images by FallenAngel and MiOworks.  The image by MiOworks is part of a little holiday gift for FallenAngel.   Fallen does so very much for so many people, myself included I wanted to get him a treat in the form of his trick Oni.  His Oni is so cute. MiOworks certainly has crated a super version of him.  This is the second time MiO has drawn Belvadar and Jasper and dare I say, they look even hotter this time?  Love how stylish Jaspers hair is!

In this piece I call Too Scared To Make A Move, Belvadar and Oni have just met for the first time at Halloween Party.  They are both very interested in each other.  They are sitting at opposite sides of a couch.  Their strong feelings have them acting all shy and bashful, like teenagers.  Neither of them is about to make the first move.  They keep their gazes off each other, but do so for too long.  Jasper has been watching.  He sees his chance. So, he sneaks up through the Jack-O-Lantern and starts giving each guys uncut cock a cold handed hand job!  Each guy thinks it's the other one working their dick.  Will they keep their gazes off each other till completion, or will they turn and scream in terror at what is truly going on? :P   Expertly drawn by MiOworks, I really hope you enjoy this fun and SEXY holiday image of his!

Never look away on Halloween! 

Now here is something spooky!  Before FallenAngel saw the image that MiOworks drew, I asked him to draw up any kind of Halloween image he would like to for the blog.  He drew this FANTASTIC image of Dinosaur Prince and Jasper on Halloween day.  LOL I love the costume.  That hoodie looks great on Dinosaur Prince! (Fallen was hinting hoodies would soon be in fashion to me.)  And Jasper is wicked, all flirty! XD hee hee...but..what is this? Jaspers cock is in the same sort of position as in MiOworks image!!!! Do like minds all think alike?  Is this just a coincidence?  OR...are some sort of Halloween Spirits to blame for this?  Pencils possessed on Halloween? O__O 

Moving on to other scary things.....

Good Lord! Jacko The Halloweener is real and ...and he's waiting for you in the barn! O__O

The scariest thing I have seen since FallenAngels Grinner! RUN! The ultimate gay horror costume, right here. 

Okay, how about something a little more pleasant to end the day?  :P 

Good Night out there, what ever you are!!!!!
Eat some candy for me! ;P

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  1. Sexy MiO work hmmm yeah :D

    Also LOVE that Mickey Mouse art, the ghost is scared too :D cute!



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