Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Camili-Cat and Spots Halloween Adventure!

This is the night I was created for...
Cause This is the night they be giving out so many good things to eat....
Well here is some candy for the eyes.  A lot of you have probably already seen this.  This is the second image that made it into the Class Comics Halloween Meaty book, that I had a hand in.   It was actually just a fun image that I commissioned from Skyboy16 on a whim.  Patrick and Fraser both liked the idea so much, they asked to include it in the book.  (Which was awesome!)   Skyboy16 aka Gene Lightfoot does an amazing job capturing Cam and Spot as Garfield and Odie from Garfield's Halloween Adventure. (My favorite Halloween Special by the way.)    We basically posed Camili-Cat and Spot as they are on the cover of the book. :P  With some extras features of course. XD

All this Garfield stuff got me looking up a lot of things from my Childhood.  Halloween is the prefect time to decorate using everyones favorite vegetarian Vampire Count Duckula! I found these on E-Bay.  They would be perfect in my Halloween town display. :D

Here is some assorted Halloween fun I collected over the year. :D

Anyone else remember these treat bags? 

Little me wore this Pac-Man costume in grade 1. :P  

Do they even make these plastic costumes anymore? 

Speaking of Vampires, you know I was kinda surprised that no one used Patricks original Boytoons Vampire in the meaty. Maybe next year. 

  Guys I gotta cut this short.  There is something TERRIBLY wrong with blogger and google tonight.  I have another Halloween post and I pray it will still be working when I post it later tonight.  


  1. Oh~ ducky booooooooooo :D nice Garfield spoof rendition, much hotter too :D

    Cute Odie pumpkin mask :D

    WOw you got alot of Duckula figurine!? they need a new series :D

    1. Nah, I only have some Duckula comics. There was a really great chocolate here back in the day in the shape of Duckula. It had red goo inside it. It was sooooooooo good. Thanks for the compliments on the art! Hee hee, I used to draw Odie with the pumpkin on his head when I was a kid. I used to LOVE Odie. XD



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