Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's cold in the Jungle, Nehme's Nemesis

While Ixy is Nehme's main rival, his true enemy is this character I am revealing today. Tensontlisetl is his name. Lord Tenson is said to be older then the jungle and has magic unlike any other. He is both revered and feared by the populace. His magic is unrivaled, as he is the only person capable of creating and sustaining ice in the warm South American climate. While Nehme does some petty crimes every so often, Tenson has no problem resorting to murder through sacrifice to increase his powers. Is there any good in him? Hard to say. He also has a very unhealthy crush on Nehme, wishing to harness his powers for his own, or at least turn him into his love slave. Thank goodness Nehme has some friends to come to his aid. His puppets are usually around to help him and if they fail, maybe, just maybe there will be young man who will come to his aid as well...

This is the first panel in something I might want to do a short manga comic on, but for now, here is Tensontlistel by the always awesome FallenAngel:

Fallen did such a great job capturing the characters in this pose. He is the first one to draw him, Lastmanouthere just named him today. :P I like it a lot when he does those thick lines around the guys. It looks very Cartoony and cool. Poor Nehme, it's funny how Fallen made him raised from the ground so his feet are dangling in the ice. XD Poor Nehme again, Fallen has the ice ensnaring his penis in an icy clawed grip! Now that's creative! He is helpless as Tenson tortures him with the feather, never letting him cum, but bringing him so close each time. As you will see Fallen did a great job following the characters design, but of course making him look so much more wonderful in his manga style. :) Thank you Fallen!
This was an awesome commission to watch him do and just as much fun to come up with the idea for!

Tenson was sketched out a couple weeks ago by me in an attempt to create a central bad guy. I still have to explore Ixy and Nehme a lot more in art and story I know, hee hee.
At first he was just a human sacrificing old man, but when I drew him, I started to think about what would be a good opposite to people of a hot jungle climate. So I went with an icy look in his color and in his daggers on his hands.

This is my second image I did of him. The great artists Vishis had some inspiration here. I did my best to copy the Dizniz style. I wanted to make him a little chunky, but muscular to show his age a bit. He is cut, because I wanted to show that his age. That he grew up in a different culture and time. I will be doing my best to come up with more back story to present to you guys soon.

Lastmanouthere has been very instrumental in these characters I have been doing these days! He came up with this delightfully sensual cloak for him to wear. The silk cape looks so cool and soft on his skin! :P I can see him running around draping this around himself. I think it would be cool to add the skulls to his.


  1. Cool stuff. I used to love ancient South American civilisations (and even those nasty conquistadores!) when I was a kid so this is a nice throw-back.

  2. Hee I don't what I prefer the most, this new style Fallen used, more adult, with more muscular guys, or the way you drew him... it's really awesome ! And he's got a great design too. Damn I miss so many things on this blog when I'm not around ! But congrats, you both did a great job.

  3. I have fun doing it, and making th ice was bit of a challenge took me a while but I love what came out :D - FallenAngel

  4. OH Kid Nova a conquistador is a good idea! :O

    Thanks Ga-L, you flatter me! Hugs you. :P



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