Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hydaria and Caravaggia Give Cleo A Dreamy Handjob

Hydaria opened up some sketch commissions this month and I took him up on a few. This is the first one that has been completed. I have been dying to post this all week. I asked him to draw up Zahn in bed with Cleo standing beside him. Upon seeing Zahns morning wood Cleo can't resist, but give the barbarian a hand job. He starts off squeezing his plump foreskin right over Zahns pink head.

Here is an image of male beauty and of course, luscious foreskin, as only Hydarias pen can create!

There is just something so yummy and beefy the way Hydaraia drew up Cleo that was exemplified even more by the wonderful skin tones in Caravaggias coloring. He's got such a nicely drawn up head, tilted gently to the side, examining his new found love. His whole persona screams adorable party boy. Caravaggia was so great at making the muscles shine and glisten on each man. I especially like the shine on Cleos shoulders. His Zahn as well is outstanding. I love those long spiky locks of hair he drew. He looks so comfy, sitting half up, dreamily eying Cleos working on his massive cock. Two perfect beefcakes, how very sensual!

Now Hydarai did a couple really special things. First off he was awesome enough to create a cum shot version of the image, which is really hot! He also provided a version of this image minus the shading so Caravaggia would have an easier time of coloring it as well. How sweet of him was that? :)

Here is the Cum shot version! Enjoy!

Speaking of awesome extras, FallenAngel shocked me with something last night. He usually doesn't draw the Men of Marvel, but the latest image must have started to change his mind on that. He presented to me with a very sexy image of my favorite X-Man Gambit!

I will raise more then my bet, that's for sure! This is a really sexy Gambit in Anmie style. Nice hair design, striking eyes and bouncy squishy balls, what more could I want? XD Once again FallenAngel applied his classic comic shading to add a classic feel. Now why don't player select screens look more like this? :P Thank you very much Fallen!

I might do another post today! See you guys again soon. ^_^


  1. I've never been a fan of FA's, but recently (6 months or so ago) took a liking to her/his rounded art but today was really blown by Gambit, -sigh- if only, hur, I mean Gambit's pin-up... I thought at first it was the less round traits & leaner bod, but actually it's the half-face-shadow that reflects so much his ambiguity...
    & of course the kinky (for worn without pants) leg pads don't hurt ;°)

  2. @ b3nc0, thanks for enjoying and liking my art :) oh and I'm a guy :)

    to Hydaria and Caravaggia awesome design on Zhan and Cleo, Cleo is at it again :D

    - FallenAngel



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