Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Return to the west with Urbanmusiq Belvadar by Karulox too!

I got a little money handed to me, so I decided to put it back into art. With the return of Randy West to PowerMen, that I learned about last month, I have been itching to get some more art of Metro West done. At the con I saw a figure I liked of a girl on a money bag. It took me forever to find an image of the figure online. When talking to artists, especially Mr. Devilman, we often bring up how it would be so nice to see guys in poses like these girls get in Japan. So last week I asked Urbanmusiq to take on the task of putting my little dimetrodon sheriff in a similar pose. A lot of things went through my head. I was gonna ask for Sling shot guns like in the Flintstones, but I put that idea to the side and didn't include it in the request for him. I figured if we are gonna replicate an image, might as well go for the gusto. We left out the giant horse shoe as well, which is a bit a distraction from the central character.

Metro is a double threat. Dimetrodons have a giant sail, something I have never been good a doodling and he is character whose looks are based on a real person. This is probably why he has not appeared in many commissions. I figure he is pretty intimidating. Not for Urbanmusiq though! Ubranmusiq has been doing some very realistic work of men these days and I wanted to give him this challenge to see his skills at work! To see what I mean, go clicky his log on the side there!
He shed some blood sweat and tears, but in a few hours had a sketch that was out of this world for me to ogle. And stare I did! Shite, he got the face so perfect, I had a hard time concentrating on the the thank you e-mail and providing any guidance in the next step. I think I repeated how handsome his face was three times in that mail. :P The whole thing turned out so perfect. I swear that boy waves a pen like a magic wand, he's so fast with his art!

Metro West is back and ready to SERVE and protect! :P

OH MY GOD, Hoy stuff huh? I said it before and I will say it again, that face is so handsome! It looks like a photo! Oh those strands of hair and that raised eyebrow..XD I needed a spatula to get me off my chair, cause I melted! Instead of buxom boobs Urban pushed out his manly chest, slinking it slightly to the right, thrutsed tight and firm for criminals to be detracted by! LOL.
I think the guns look really cool, especially the one between his legs! I like how the lace is falling on it, so inviting! XD Ah cool lace on a cock (..pauses dreamily for a minute...)I think my favorite part of this outfit is the nice sharp shading Leon did on the leather. It says something when the artist goes to great lengths to even make that look creative. As always Urban is in my tops for recommended artists to commission. Just a pure delight to watch work.

This is the original art and figure. A figure that I wanted till I saw the price tag. I just remember putting it back very slowly and carefully on the shelf and backing away.

Randy has tanned up since his original video. I am not really sure which one I like more. Cause I do like tanned guys, but I think his original skin tone, (below) the one Urban used is very appealing and unique.

I got a really sweet color sketch done by Karulox last night! I love it when he sends me stuff, cause his e-mails are so full of joy. You can feel his smile as he types! He did up Belvadar in his own style. He gave him the most sexy face he could create! Dang, check out his slanted smile and the great lashes on his face. You boys drive me wild with these arts. XD He looks really stunning, stretching out his bad self. His cock full erect and leaking cum from the pink head, like a fat little volcano of love! Really love that wrinkled foreskin he gave him. I know it's just a sketch, but it's really freaking sensual, a perfect pin up! :) Something a fan of his would hang on their door. :P

FallenAngel and I have been up to some mischief too! We came up with this funny idea for my two favorite figures, Jungle Emmy and Menace from Queens blade. In the spirit of the season, they are out trick, or treating and big happy go lucky Emmy is out scoring Menace on the treats! LOL! I figure Menace would be a little envious of Emmy due to her size. Even as figures Emmy towers over her. Really nice job on their costumes fallen and their big..assets! Man those are so hot nipples on Emmy! XD I love the bats he included in the image, they reminded me of how I used to draw bats in high school, based on Darkwing Ducks and Mega Mans. :P Yep I have a crush on these I am not straight! LOL, but they are adorable. Truly awesome holiday treat.

Fallen Really made me laugh with this image! Here the explorers Drilldeepah and Marshal Copeland have unearth Mammu, who is singing them some Tom Jones. Now that would make Indiana Jones run in fear! LOL. XD And make Marge Simpson swoon....

Thank you for the very uplifting images FallenAngel!


  1. Glad you like it :D cool art on Urban :D woho! cowgirl by Masamune shirow :D and transfrom into cowboy randy nice :D

    Awesome hot Belvar :D

    Bout that Mummu well the adventure duo will UNCOVER some more relic of the past well preserve and ALIVE! :D


  2. Lol the last imafe xDDDD

    And Emmy and Menace, soo fast xDDD!!!!! They looks really awesome (specially Menace with such intirncated outfit)

    Great art again from Karu and Urban, i love the chaps!!! And thats one damn fine figure o_o



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