Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pac-Man Returns to TV!

Awesome! Return of the King! Now, who is that tribal mask turnip guy? :P

I am such a Pac-Man lover. I was that kid that was still pining for the TV series years after it was off the air. My room had Pac-Man Wallpaper till I was 18 and well, after saying that do I need to say more? So anyway, this news would have put in heaven...20 years ago. :P But hey better late then never. I'm still very excited. For Pac-Mans 30th he is getting a new TV series and game. I wonder if kids today will take to the adventures of the yellow one? Only time will tell. Looks like it will be awhile too. It's supposed to air in 2012...kinda a long way off to show the premiere of a TV show isn't it? That date has to be wrong, at least I hope it is.

Pac-Man has had it rough over the last decade. Namco has made some nice games with him and some real stinkers too. Pac-Man Wolrd Rally was a lot of fun with some tips of the hat to the old TV show, but it wasn't the hit Namco hoped it would be. So it's nice to see they have taken some time to breath some fresh air into the franchise.

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Pac-Man is going to be a teenager in this series. I hope for their sake Ms. Pepper Pac-man makes a few appearances as his love interest. That means no Pac-baby, or Jr. Chomp Chomp and Sour Puss might still might make it. At least we won't have to deal with PJ anymore.
I have to say, it doesn't look bad. Good send up. I would watch it! I like how they kept in the Power Pellet tress and I dig the new designs of the ghost monsters. Namco always showed a lot of respect to the old cartoon, so I am not surprised about the trees. Nice idea of Pac-man getting large, I wonder if that is the Super Pac-man ability?

Here is some more shots of Pac-Mans new look. Gotta say, looks really good. I was very tired of the same design Namcos been using since the Namco Museum games came out in the 90s. That 3D model was looking a little stale. Those it me, or do they look a little inspired by Sonics in Sonic Adventure? Well they look nice, that's for sure.

I will miss the mobster designs for the ghosts, but these new takes are very snazzy.

Sue is looking really pink..oh wait, yeah that's Pinky who had sex change back in 99...sigh. XD She looks really creepy. She looks like a condom, or a wad of pink bubble gum, that took shape as it suffocated someone to death. Would be nice to see sassy old Sue come back though. She was one tough cookie.

Inky looks like a speedy little trouble maker with that whirl wind hair. Wonder if he will still be the dumb one? Nah...Like his new design a lot.

Looks like Clyde may not be in charge anymore. They took Clydes look right from the Pac-Man Arrangement when he is possessed. He kinda looks like uncle Fatso from Casper. He even has as Dom Deluise fat guy hat. (Hair?) NICE!

Blinky is the leader this time. His hair kinda echos Clydes original derby hat from the TV show. Nice touch. :)

We will be introduced to the new Pac-Land crew in Novembers Pac-Man Party.

To celebrate Pac-Mans 30th there is a fun Online Pac-Man puzzle game!

Namco don't forget about the queen of games...

How will this reentry turn out for Pac-Man? I wish them luck that's for sure!


  1. Love this the cartoon got 2 girl ghost monsters this time? - FallenAngel

  2. Thanks man! Nah, I don't think Sue will make it in. But you never know.

  3. I dunno. XD I always felt Pac-Man was a huge victim of companies expanding on things that were made to be simple and successful for the same such reason. That being said, I'll see the new show whenever it may come and see how they do. XD I dunno about the games though. I had Pac-Man world 1 and 2 and I don't know if 3D can do him justice. I do like re-imaginings of the original game though!

  4. You make me hype about this!!!
    The trailer actually dosnt looks bad!!! and looks very stylish

    I dunno if it can be succesfull, we are gonan watch it since we remember him but new generations i am not sure, but still it was a joy read this entry xD



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