Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jubell's John Carter Nude Warlord Of Mars

Tonight Jubell has John Carter ready to explode for your pleasure. I had a hankering for some classic Marvel John Carter of Mars. It's been awhile since he was featured around here. Jubell really came through by applying that classic comic book coloring style I am sure many of us miss and some will feel nostalgic for after seeing this piece. (Jubell is the second artist inspired by the comics pallet. :D)
I asked Jubell to please give him a big dick and boy did he deliver. :P That thing is huge! He's super sexy with those big full muscles and nice big nipples too! XD Jubell said he was fascinated with the design of John Carters outfit and it shows in the amount of detail found here. I hope you guys enjoy him as much as I have! Thanks Jubell!


  1. Tremenda la imagen, aunque la verdad el trajecito de John Carter se presta para muchas cosas.



  2. Niiiice ! I've been craving for some Warlord of Mars porn recently because of all the fantastic Joe Jusko's artwork I see on Da !

  3. Thats awesome Jubell, combine the classic comic look hot!



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