Saturday, May 12, 2012

Astasia takes on Vann and Anuar, Plus Caveman, Barbarians and Dinosaurs

I haven't posted much this week and I have lots to share, so I decided to fudge it and just jumble everything in one big gumbo post. First off I have some amazing art from Astasia666. This is just the first half of the stuff she sent me! So part 2 will be tomorrow. :D For now let's enjoy the Saturday evening sun as it sets on her lovely rendition of Anuar, the Bone Hunter Twin.

Anuar is the perfect picture of beauty and grace, when drawn by Astasia666. I just love how soft and elegant all his features are. The day surrendering to a beautiful baby blue starlight sky is the perfect backdrop for him. Such a great image...makes me sigh.

This awesome picture got me looking for dinosaur related stuff. All by accident I came across some coloring books from the ancient 1960s. The fact that THIS existed is just too amazing. There was a Valley of Gwangi coloring book made! :D HA!

I wonder what those giant bones in the foreground are from? I don't remember these creatures in the movie. This is the only piece of art where I saw them featured as well. (I could be wrong on that.) On the same site that I found the Gwangi book, I found the cover scan from a very old Dinosaur book I had as a kid:

Man, I will never forget getting this book. I was really young. We used to go to this place called Black Creek in Fort Eerie. Before it became a bar in the 90s, the place was this little variety store dinner. A real throw back from the 50s and 60s it was. They had stools to sit at and if given the chance, I ordered a grill cheese with a milk shake to wash it down with. They had a display case with all kinds of goodies. One summer day in 84 my aunt was kind enough to purchase this coloring book for me. I still have it somewhere. I loved it, it's so old school with some really nice art. I learned the book was originally published in the 1960s and was kept in circulation for years afterward. I can see why. I love how the light passes through the plates on the Stegosaurus.

Next up is Vann Illia. He's really beautiful! The detail in his eyes alone left me breathless. Her take on young Vann is really splendid, he's going capeless, to show a little more flesh. Hey, it's hot in that cave!

He's wondering that cave, but I wonder what he's looking for? When I see this image, I get a very creepy feeling. Astasias image makes my imagination run wild. Vanns little torch is the only orb of light in this dark subterranean world. What little creatures are lurking just at the edge of his torch light, slowly slinking closer, or running past his feet? I keep hearing this music in my head. O__O

Looks like Vann found what he was looking for in the cave, a bunch of sexy warriors to have fun with! :D Enjoy guys! Till tomorrow peace!

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  1. nice version art sexy indeed! added your photo guys again :D



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