Friday, September 2, 2016

Cool Cummings! Or Class At The 2016 Olympic Games!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long delay between posts.  Life has been...not great.  What is great though, is the abundance of art I have to share with you.  Most of which was done in honour of Patrick Fillions 43rd birthday, which past last week.  I am going to start with the piece we spent the most time on, a Classy tribute to the 2016 Olympics, featuring the Main Men of Class!  The boys Zahn, Byron and Peter have joined the Canadian swim team.  No embarrassing antics here, unless you count how easily they kept slipping out of their speedos!  Man, picking out all those speedos was a lot of fun..

Of course they couldn't wait to get out of those tight speedos and let their boners bounce!  Now, if these guys get into any pee antics, any involvement with the law will be voluntary!!!  Fallen did a kick ass job on Peters circumcision scar and the tightness of Byrons foreskin on his moist pink head.  I wonder of Zahn would be asked to trim is hair a bit?  I think FallenAngel would be angrier than Zahn...

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