Friday, August 19, 2016

Gaze Until You Embrace Your Future

This masterful sketch was done by Leon De Leon the Urbanmusiq, back in March. It was a gift for Lastmanouthere. It's based on a concept I had of Joni looking at something he found in a magical time pool. There, a waterfall calm and clear as a mirror, would show an unforgettable image to each.  On the other end, through time, space and dimensions was Skelldon.  Skelldon was too looking through a strange waterfall, after taking a long bath in the caves waters.
The two starred at each other in wonderment.  Question, upon question filled their barbaric brains.  Was this the owner of bones that adorned Joni?  Was Skelldon a God?  Was Joni an intruder, trying to disguise himself as one of Skelldons own family?  Joni wondered if this was his ancestor. Skelldon wondered if this was a full human descendant.  They felt a connection grow as they stared at each others perfect bodies.  Skelldon admiring the smooth skin of Joni.  While Joni became turned on by the thought of how much power those bones actually embedded and controlled by Skelldon, must bring to him. (Not knowing of course that Skelldons horns and spikes are not particularly magical.)
The curious twins of time would touch hands through the thin veil of water.  Eventually the tips of their fingers would touch, then their heavily dripping cocks would come in contact, causing a lighting bolt of passion to rush through them.  The precum of both men, would stick and act like a hook, keeping them close, as they frot, caress and kiss each others lips, over and over. That thick string of precum, pulling them together also gently messaged and tickled their urethras, causing no end of euphoria.  They rocked against each other, cut cock against foreskin, smooth chest against hard pecks and even harder studs, Tails wrapping around legs and cupping balls, till at last they spew their seed.  The explosion of semen forcing them to back away, as their legs tremble, causing the falls to stir and ending the vision through time and space.
They are both left to wonder if what they saw was even real.

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