Thursday, August 11, 2016

A New Star Satyr Performs with Belvadar!

FallenAngel and I caught a glimpse of a new star on stage Belvdar.  Rumour has it they were performing for your birthday, but there was no sign of you!  Surely you should have been there.
Who could this new hero be???  His voice and looks were very familiar, but we just can't figure out why...
Fallen worked hard on recreating the scene, as we forgot our cameras. (We are from the 70s...we don't remember to bring tech with us everywhere we go!) 😝 

Maybe one day we will figure it out, till then, we both want to wish our dear friend with the golden voice, Yelmo, a very, very happy birthday and all the very best in the coming year! 
Wait a minuet...golden voice and long flowing hair?   Nah...couldn't be...

Big hugs Yelmo! 

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