Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dimata tames the Cnakatopsian By Xelgot

Gonna roll into the weekend with some fantastic art by Xelgot.  I got the idea for this concept looking at some old dinosaur and barbarian art.   What Xel Got, is an abundance of raw talent that he effortlessly spreads across the page, from sketch to final product. Like last time I had the privilege of working with him, the commission process was a total breeze.  I wanted to create a fantastical dinosaur, like something you would see back in the day.  Xelgot fully took on that challenge, creating a wonderful beast that far exceeded my expectations.  He even threw in a wonderful background.  He's Dimata I must say, steals the show though, with his perfect body!  A friend of mine said I really need to frame this and hang it over my bed! hee hee. I agree.  I would have some magical dreams with this hovering over me each night!

Dimata tames the omnivorous Cnakatops.  Not an easy task.  The lumbering beast is quick to temper, unless the trainer has the purest of heart and intentions. (The right kind of giant fruit helps as well.)  Thankfully Dimata has all three, along with unending patience.  Below we have the version with more serpentine eyes, followed by original concept sketch. 

Please check out Xelgots tumblr and Deviantart pages!  Be sure to ask about his commissions too! 

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