Thursday, July 28, 2016

Emil Gets It On With Louisa, Byrons Mom! DILF Fucks MILF!


Oh man, FallenAngel and I could resist temptation no longer.  We decided to let Emil and his wonderful wife Louisa GET IT ON!  Taken from the magical pages of the Space Cadet series, Emil and Louisa (Byrons parents) have yet to be depicted on official paper.  (Digital even.)  At home after their family vacation, the milf and dilf get down and dirty after an afternoon of hard work decorating the kitchen.  The family out at the movies, has given them plenty of time to enjoy each others company.  The Emils dick was up long before teh wallpaper was!  I proudly present to you an image that even made the series creator Patrick Fillion feel naughty for looking at his hot momma in action!  I hope you enjoy! I got more Emil on the way! ^O^ Ho ho ho!!! Has the father surpassed the son? XD

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