Friday, July 1, 2016

Suck It Owl Man!

Happy Canada Hosers! In celebration, I am releasing some animated passion by Gene Lightfoot. He has the king of the Canadian forests all chained up and at the mercy of Belvadar. This bit of bird bara is gonna suck that night stick of Bels all day long. No fireworks, or BBQs for him. Just a hot man sausage till his neck cramps! Looks like Belvadar is the only one out there that has such casual control over the cursed beast. I wonder what his secret is? Could it be an inherited trait of his species, or something to do with that iron chain? Whatever it is, I am very proud and lucky to have someone like Gene Lightfoot animate what would be stuck in my head forever, otherwise!

You guys really gotta check out his tumblr, if you haven't already. He's posted a lot of animated pieces over the last few days.  I really love his silly Ace Attorney one! It's so cute!

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