Sunday, July 17, 2016

Xavier the Hunter By Lastmanothere

Hello and welcome again to a première of one of Lastmanotuhere's dashing, enchanting, apocalyptic heroes!  Okay, so Xavier might not exactly be a hero, as you will soon read, but he certainly will champion a few hearts none the less!

The City hadn't had many strangers visiting in years. Alexander's arrival created a lot of confusion among the many warring factions in and outside the Citadel, with everyone wondering the role this newcomer played in the big picture. 

Much less notorious was Xavier's arrival. The man had travelled the same route as Alexander, but not suffering from the rare amnesiac spell of the other, Xavier's arrival didn't cause such an initial stir. The man, a professional bounty hunter, quickly established a alliance of convenience with other independent elements in the Burroughs. Xavier wanted Alexander, for some reason he wouldn't reveal, but wouldn't just go and face him directly; instead, he hinted at knowing the man's true objective coming to the City, thus revealing that people from the outside had knowledge of the complicated political struggles, in spite of the prohibition of technology the Enlightened ones enforced on anybody but themselves. Who had, then, sent Xavier after Alexander, and what was the latter's mission?

Xavier's art is called the Phantom Illusion, which conjures shadow replicas of his attacks to multiply the amount hit's he delivers with each movement. His fighting style is rapacious, wasting no time going after his targets to incapacitating them with real and shadow hits of his batons, which are covered in red leather to cover blood marks.

Xavier's letter is the Xi, which is engraved in his dog tags.

So will Xavier be the Bass to Alexander's Mega Man, his Nega to Alex's Darkwing?  Or is he more than just a rival?  A past lover?  A person able to sway Alexander in the right direction when the time is right?  Only Lastmanouthere knows, cause he didn't tell me squat!
He did tell me how Xavier here was born from the same sketch as a previous character. Xavier started out life as Danni, but that changed when Lastman wanted to present Danni in a much more dramatic light. From the sketch of Danni, the cock itself became the inspirational starting point for Xavier.  For once a cock on paper gives birth! :P    Xavier is an intriguing character.  With his goggles, sandy locks, soft eyes and Lawrence of Arabia style cap, give me reason to assume he's not the blood thirstiest of bounty hunters.
I hope you guys enjoy him!    

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