Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Centaur Switch!

Hey guys!  Today I present the triumphant return of centaur art by the queen of the centuars, Caravaggia!  hee hee.  Where has she been you ask? Oh, well, you see she had a foal of her own. Yup, or lovely Caravaggia is a proud mama!  Of course, being a new mother means you have very little time for art.  That is why I took great care in selecting the idea I wanted to draw.  As I didn't know when the next time she would be available would be, I decided to make this an extra special request. A daring request I wanted to do for some time now.

The story from Space Cadet 1 still inspires me deeply.  Trapped in my imagination for years have been many scenarios, but the dearest one was having Byran Durand, the Space Cadet, become a centaur. I long had the fantasy of the two lovers falling under a spell, which would allow Byron to be a centaur and Strider a human.  Switching bodies, to better appreciate each others situation in life.  And of course to play with each others new tools.  With the excitement of having one of the biggest cocks in the land, would Byron be able to hold his jizz for half a second?  Now a man, would Strider dare to be filled like never before by the 'dark one?'
The biggest question of all would be if Byron would want to stay this way and remain with Strider.
We had fun picking the colour scheme for Byron.  I wanted to incorporate the space theme of Cadet (This image came long before the change was announced.), so I asked Caravaggia to please give him a galaxy in his tail.

 I hope you guys like it.  It's always awesome to work with Caravaggia and even more so, when what we are working on is a dream that has been locked away for so long!

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