Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everett The Reluctant

Hey ho guys!  Been awhile, but we're back with style.  Today I proudly present Lastmanoutheres latest OC! He's the Giner Captain of young Edwards, Everett.  Oh Lastman does love his Ginger boys...XD While Everett is no boy.  He's a warrior, who's taken the time to better understand the world he lives in and who is and isn't truly worth protecting.  As you will soon read, he's no pigeon, who takes the world as it was presented to him.  Everett is the perfect Captain to guide Edwards on the proper path of 'patrolling.'  Here's hoping Lastmanouthere will pair the two of them together, showing Everett 'teaching' the young man, for us all to enjoy! His story is below!

In his youth, Captain Everett of the Outer Patroll was a rash, aggressive fellow.  He joined the ranks to make sure the unclean, corrupt outsiders would never gain access to the Citadel and destroy the last traces of civilization there.  It that had taken so much effort to preserve it after the great destructive cataclysms. As most artists, the discovery of his Art made it easy for him to rise through the ranks and eventually become Captain.

As he aged however and, more importantly came in contact with the population of the City outside of the Citadel, he begun to realize not all of what the Enlightened ones said was literally true, or even made sense. Everett during his patrols, came to know Pappa Marius and his family of exiles.  Though reticent he learned to appreciate these outsiders almost as much as he did the people in the Citadel. In particular he had a deep respect of the brave Seigfried and of Marius himself. It became harder and harder for him to carry on his duty as a protector of the Citadel and his Enlightened ones and at the same time not think of the outsiders as a threat to them.

In one of his rounds with Edwards, Everett and his other cadets stopped a brawl between a band of rogues from Reinhart's band, and Zachery and other of Marius's kids. This earned him the eternal scourge of the rogues, and appreciation from Zachery. Though a child back then, Everett felt a connection with the boy and dedicated himself to watch over him when his designated guardian Seigfried wasn't around,.  He did so with the purpose of gaining his heart and to eventually take him to the Citadel once Zachery was of age. This didn't happen, though, as the arrival of Alexander and the maelstrom of chaos he brought with him disrupted all of Everett's plans. Only his trusted underling Edwards knew of Everett's not-so-platonic love for Zachery, and the reluctance he feels to act upon these feelings given both their ages and their opposed backgrounds.

Everett's Art is called the Black Strobe, which slows and speeds up time as he pounces into his enemies, allowing him to confuse them and leave them open for more punishment. This is accompanied by a blinding succession of powerful light and unnatural darkness, which resembles the effects of a stroboscopic lamp. His letter is the Epsilon, shown in his chest badge.

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