Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hot Days Of Halloween

It's the last day of summer and Vann and Peng are travelling through the coconut desert.   Dying of heat, they stumble across an odd little oasis. There is no body of water, just a large gove of coconut trees and a queer tub, with Jack-O-Lantern markings.  Vann exhausted, decides to lay down in the tub, while Peng takes a look around.  Rising out of the sand, a red being appears in front of Vann.  The Oni carries a large bag of ice and partially fills the tub with it.  Vann is a bit startled at first, but being the brawny man that he is, find himself totally relaxed in the tub.  The hot sun beating down on him and the frozen ice below him, soon creates a feeling of total calming comfort.
The Oni orders several of his lesser demon servants to retrieve ice from a magical device to insure the tub is kept cool for their guest.  Every so often one shows up to replace the melted ice.  The tub itself spits out the the access water from it's mouth.  Oni is intrigued by this blond haired wonder and begins rubbing and massaging Vanns muscles.  Eventually he works his way down to Vanns impressive member, which had been already getting hard from all the action above it.  His mighty red hands barely manage to fully grasp the Barbarian Elfs massive cock, as he gently strokes the cut meat.  Meanwhile, still very much exhausted and totally unaware of Vanns situation, Peng discovers a magical device that creates the ice.  It seems to be getting it through a portal.  Finding a bag he rushes to relieve his friend, only to find Vann very much relaxed already....

Oh Vann, it's one thing to to forget your best friend, while you lap in the life of luxury, but it's quite another to mistake him for a servant boy...I feel a pounding is coming on and it won't be sexual.  At least, not at first anyway...
Art of course by the eternally source of heat in DPK FallenAngel!

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