Sunday, October 9, 2016

Can You Feel The Music Of Halloween Night JD?

In honour of Guytoonist Birthday, FallenAngel has convinced Belvadar to perform a very special concert.  This Halloween concerto has a very captive audience: Guytoonists very own JD, the werewolf. He's been subdued and chained to the stereo system.  He's about to be awoken by the most thrilling feeling he's ever felt surging through his body.  Our Bel will not hold back, as he knows how to hit each note just right to harnessing the power of the darkest of nights.  There is nothing to hold back on Halloween... The night when Belvadar can let loose and let the spirit of the season take him to night heights of mischief. The night when the bat boys can be as wicked as possible.  Even Bel gets tempted.  Promising torture will do that.

The moon in the right position, now a glowing pumpkin head, Belvadar adjust the bonds that held JD.  The small vibrations felt through the chains prior, were nothing compared to the notes that will blast directly into his penis shaft and into his ass directly from the wires inserted into the speakers and guitar.  Bel plays all the classics; Night on Bald Mountain, Dance Macabre and tunes only know to the foulest of ghouls n ghosts.  Music no living mortal has ever lived to tell about, even if they did perchance to hear it coming from some forgotten graveyard on Halloween night.

Each note sends JD into a painful ecstasy he cannot escape.  Again and again, he cums and spews till the stage floor is a delicious icy white.  His boy batter will be a feast for Bel once the concert is done...Though that will be hours from now, when the cock crows and the powers of Halloween dissipate for another year.
Belvadar takes great pleasure is pushing his old friend to the limits.  While a human probably wouldn't survive the night, in his werewolf form he is at least getting some enjoyment out of this, despite his howls to the contrary.

Because of how wicked Bel is in this series, I asked FallenAngel to create a darker version of the character, just for fun.  Honestly, it could be that something is possessing Bel, but in this case, I truly think that boy just loves to torture JD. The two are friends and rivals, who enjoy pushing each other to the limits.  So this wasn't really more for fun.

A huuuuge thank you to FallenAngel for working so hard on both these images.  This was going to be just a one shot, but the first sketch he did was so delightful, that instead of scraping it, we made it a 2 parter.  I hope you guys find it a super start to the Halloween season around here.  Next time, we will have something with Jasper for you all to enjoy by FallenAngel!

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