Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016 Witching Hour Post! Pumpkin Parade By FallenAngel

Hey guys!
I hope you are having wicked Halloween night!!! Over here in Ontario, the witching hour is fast approaching, so it's time for me to unleashed the last of this years Halloween surprises! Oh and what a wonderful batch, straight from the pumpkin patch, of FallenAngel!  FallenAngel has had a week of horrors online and offline, I am sad to say.  Still during that time, he worked hard to create these super cute pieces!  We got the idea from the set after going over a ton of traditional Halloween cardboard cut outs.  I offered him the challenge of taking any 4 of our boys and creating something akin to what you would stick on your doors and windows, with a common Jack-O-Lantern theme.  (Only in a perfect world, could these ever be used in real life!)  FallenAngel went out of his way to not only do the guys and pumpkins, but breathed life into the backgrounds with cool traditional silhouette characters too!  I am very proud and honoured to be able to end the season with this fine set.  I hope you will all enjoy Dimata, Lil' Deep, Jasper and Vann Illia! Dimata got a total baby face make over for this set!!! Woo hoo!

Well that's about all for me.  We actually have one final Halloween themed image to share, but that won't be coming for a few days. It's gonna be a shocker, as it features a new character!  For now, keep the Jack-O-Lanterns burning till dawn and be sure to eat a piece of candy for FallenAngel and I!

Happy Halloween!  Hope all your screams come true.

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