Monday, October 3, 2016

Derek, Raven of Mai

Hey guys, I got home and found this splendid image by Lastmanouthere in my inbox. It's such a wonderfully done piece, I had to post it right away. It features Derek, Lastmanouthere's self proclaimed favourite original characters.  While not one of our mutually created and shared OCs, I had to take the opportunity showcase him here first.  Lastman keeps knocking it out of the park these days and this image is a grand slam of style.  Certainly one of his most enchanting pieces.  Derek appears to materialize out of the darkness, a glowing light of inspiration in Lastmans mind.

Here is what Lastmanouthere had to say about the piece:

Darek is one of my most beloved OCs, if not the most and it's been literally years since I last depicted him properly. He appears, in one way or another, in all my high fantasy settings as a cruel assassin who was horribly tortured as a child, but after finding love with the Earth Templar Evon, he became more of a spy for well-intended organisations. His weapon of choice is the double kusari - gama style Fool's Blade (not depicted), but lacking this, any short blade, or even his bare body is deadly.

Lastmanouthere is even developing a language for him.  Fascinating stuff.  He's got one intense imagination.  I have a hard enough time with English alone. XD  As long as I know 'feed me I'm hungry' and 'Let's have sex' I should be good if I ever fall into the world of locked in his mind. ;D

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