Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gay Ghostly Greetings! Three Is More Fun On Halloween

After rocking his world for most of the night, it Belvadar had finally been calmed.  Witch Blaine is to thank for that.  Feeling the teen wolfs distress, he came to the rescue of the Jersey Devil.  Calming a creature like Belvadar was no easy task though.  It took a lot out of the witch boy.  After a battle of wills, spells and music, the dust settled and Bel was back to his regular self again.  JD however was not.  Collapsed, comatose and cum drained, our beloved boy toy needed some major healing and fast.

Thinking quickly, Belvadar flew JD over to the woods where Jaspers gave is located.  He whistled to his dearly departed friend, hoping he was still in the area.  As luck would have it, Jasper had retreated to his grave some time during Bels show.  He had been dismayed and a little jealous by Belvadars total focus on JD that night.  He had remain hidden among the crowd, only visible to Belvadar.  Bel apologized to Jasper for his actions and properly introduced JD to the Jasp.  JD however, remained totally out of it during this awkward introduction.  Bel explained that he did not mean to take it this far and now feared for his friends life.  Jasper, for the first time ever, scolded Belvadar.  This took a lot for Jasper to do, as Bel is a person who Jasper felt could never do any wrong.  It was quit the humbling moment for Bel.

Jasper placed his cold blue hands on JDs hairy chest.  He felt his heart weakly beat.  He reached through JDs chest to get a better feel on his heart.  The moon was still strong, though low in the sky.  A simple touch of his heart told Jasper that if JD were to return to human form in his condition, it may very well be the end of him.  He needed to help him as fast as possible.

First Jasper laid on top of JD and gently kissed him, blowing cool air that twirled and swirled as it entered his dry mouth.  The vapour of a benevolent spirit is said to help guide the living away from death. And there ain't no ghost in this world as kind hearted as our Jasper!  Immediately JDs eyes opened wide, glowing the same baby blue as Jasper.   JD was still not fully concious yet, but Belvadar introduced him to his 'dearest friend.'  A comment that made Jasp momentarily glow red.  Jasper caressed and wrapped himself around JD time and again. Jasper took the head of his penis and touch the tip of his head to various points on JDs body.  It touch sent gentle healing waves that rippled through JD.  With each sensual touch he poured new life into the werewolfs body.  It still wasn't enough, as JD struggled to snap out of his diminished state.

Finally in desperation, Jasper grabbed the teens cock firmly in both hands and started sucking on it.  Bel tried to protest, reminding Jasper that this was how he got this way in the first place, but Jasper was desperate now.  The moon was setting and there was very little time left for both him and JD. He had Belvadar hold JD up as he wrapped his tail tightly around JDs uncut dick. He forcibly pulled back JDs super thick foreskin and with one quick action shoved a huge portion of his wispy tail right down JDs piss slit.  He move his tail in and out as fast as he could, slimming his urethra with pure healing ecotoplasm.  Eventually Jaspers actions took effect and JD started to come to.  He opened his eyes of his own accord, only to find them greeted by a huge ghostly smile.  He was taken aback for a second, or two, but seeing Belvadar holding him, put his mind at ease.
Jasper introduced himself and after JD did the same, JD remarked that for a Ghost, he had a very warm touch. This was followed immediately by an orgasm so strong it pushed Jaspers tail right out of JDs cock, splattering cum all over Belvadars face as it flailed out. JD once again collapsed, but this time it was out of euphoria. He smiled and very wearily thanked Jasper, as he fell into a gentle sleep.

Jasper Flew into Bels face, told him, he was lucky.  That his friend will be alright, then gave him a coy look.  He knows Bel very well..."You could have used any means to heal him...You didn't need to come to me....But you did." He hugged Bel tightly, covering him with slime, then flew high into the sky, before he dove giggling, as only ghosts can, straight down into his grave.  The moon was gone now and JD was slowly turning back into a human teen again.  Bel slowly retreated along with the shadows, catching a glimpse for the first time of what JD really looks like, before flying off into the night, so not to be seen. JD was used to walking up disoriented in unknown fields after a full moon.  This time though, hints of memories and a feeling of being cared for and even loved lingered. He smiled as the sun rose, ending yet another Halloween.  He covered his cut cock with his hat and went on a quest to find some clothes on a scarecrow to cover his nakedness, before returning home.  He could swear he heard humming coming from a lone grave as he walked by it.  Must have been his imagination though...

Tonigthts Halloween piece was done by my friend Aneros.  It was so good, that it inspired the story and connection to FallenAngels piece!  I hope you guys like this little gathering of gay Halloween studs, as much as I enjoyed telling you it's tale!

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