Sunday, October 30, 2016

Royal Halloween Party For Jacko

For years now Class Comics has featured the character Jacko The Halloweener in strip show comics, where he would harass and pleasure some victim from the Class universe.  Patrick and Fraser toyed with him with the help of many talented artists.  Eventually he was given his chance to shine as the hero of the wonderful comic Sons Of The Night.   His role here was important, but short.  This year though, he's been fully unleashed, being featured in a strip show, where he goes back to his favourite haunts from past years, an animated piece and a full comic devoted to him!

All this really inspired me big time.  His wild antics made me think about who he had yet to meet up and fuck around with on Halloween.  Sooooo I since Sirio and I were looking for a Halloween project to do together, I asked her to please take on the task of giving Jacko a royal party, to ring in Halloween 2016!  Yep that is right, as if you haven't already looked down, he is about to meet Strider King of the Centaurs!  The centaur king is used to filling other people, like no other can.  It's only fitting that Jacko gets to return the favour, whether Strider likes it, or not! As you can imagine, Strider is not easy to catch and control.  Even with all of Jackos Halloween magic, he's using all his strength to hold Strider in place, as he rams his ass.  His vines are hard at work holding back the kings arms and jerking off striders huge uncut centuar cock.  Giving him the tightest jerk off of his life, while penetrating keep within his piss slit, has Strider cumming hard and fast time and again!

We did two version of the image, one with a hairy chest and one with a smooth chest!  We decided to have a little fun with Jacko, giving him stitches on his circumcision scar! hee hee.   I can thank Sirio enough for this amazing piece.  She worked on it for the last couple of days.  The whole process was super smooth and mind blowing.  He final colour and shading is some of her finest work to date.  Sirio makes Strider pop off the page, in what could easily be a cover of his own comic!

You might have noticed that Jacko has as stem on his head.  It's true that his original design didn't have one.  He has been updated recently to include the stem.  I like the plain pumpkin head look, but this certainly a cool addition. I am glad they chose to include it.

Gosh, I wish I had time this weekend to write a review, but sadly I am doing this on the seat of my pants. For what it's work Jacko's Horny Halloween Tales is an amazing book.  It features three stories ranging from humours to very dark in nature.

Patrick did all this in secret, drawing and colouring the entire book himself.  The style he chose fits perfectly with the theme.  The dark shadows, thick lines and limited pallet used for the backgrounds will instantly remind you of classic horror comics of the 70s, including such classics as Tales From The Crypt. This is most apparent in the first story (and my personal fav) INTO THE WILD.  In this totally Canadian story, a young hiker named Elijah has a run in with some Bigfeets!  Any Canadian kid that grew up reading books on the subject of sasquatch will get a kick out of the crazy encounters within this stories pages.  (The guy in the story reminds me of Patrick actually! LOL! What do you guys think?)

The second story about a married man named Isaiah is MUCH darker.  Be forewarned, this tale of demonic possession through weak will, it does not feature a happy ending.  Such a shame, since Isaiah is such a hunk of Halloween chocolate.  It ends in a tribute to a very famous painting called the Nightmare. What's Halloween without a truly dark tale though?

The final tale features my favourite new Halloween Hunk, the very innocent and young Jeremiah.  It''s not easy to talk about without giving spoilers away!!! You will just have to read it to find out!

Each story is wonderfully bookmarked with Jacko giving an introduction, (in Crypt Keeper fashion) as he fucks the shit out of one of three Class Comics hunks.  Class has put an amazing amount of effort here, as the stories enough would be enough to sell the book on.  It's wicked that we have 3 Jacko encounters here on top of a fourth yearly strip show one.  On a side note, I get the feeling that Jacko's Horny Halloween Tales is a replacement of the rumoured Stephane's Fun House that had been talked about for many years.  Of course, since Clowns are perfect for Halloween, maybe we will finally see him return to co-host with Jacko in the years to come!

Dang, but the hiker dude comes in a VERY close second to Isaiah.

Check out the animated version of Jacko getting fucked by Incubus on Tumblr! Or through the Class Comics monthly email!   Rumour has it more Incubus is on the way!

PPMAQ also did a fantastic image of Jacko that he posted on Tumbr.

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