Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Sniff Of The Rose On The Grave

Time for Another Halloween post!
Oh it's Halloween night and something has woken Jasper up instantly from his year long sleep.  What was it?  Why the placement of a single white rose on his grave!!! He zips from the ground, grasping the flower in his misty state, his hand materializes around it, grasps it tightly. He looks around, but whoever left it is long gone.  He holds the rose close and blushes as he sniffs it. He twirls and sighs as he takes in the scent.  He soon knows from the scent who left this and his cock gets instantly hard...
His quick rising and joy has caused a lot of commotion in the graveyard.  Other spirits are awoken by passionate vibes.  The earth rocks as skeleton hands break free, all trying their best in vain to reach Jaspers big blue dick.  As he takes another whiff, he allows one skeleton to get a momentary grip on his cock.  It won't hold on for long.  Jasper has one thing on his mind now and he's not about to let some lesser demon spill any of his seed.

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