Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fangs For the Memories

We join our hero Space Cadet on a spooky, stormy Halloween night some time in the mid 2000s!  He's accidentally invited a true vampire in for a trick, becoming a treat in the process... But don't worry Byron. You won't be infected.  This vampire just wants a nibble.  Just enough to sedate his hunger.  You'll wake up sore of ass and drained of cum.  A little weak from loss of blood.  Left to wonder if the events of that Halloween were real, or not.

Waaay back in 2012, I remarked how I thought it was a missed opportunity that no one used Patricks Vampire from Bliss and Boytoons in the Halloween Meaty.  Fast forward 4 years and I finally get off my ass to request something be done about it. :P  Gene Lightfoot and I decided to go back in time with this one, presenting Byron as Space Cadet in his cut state. The vampire, that remains nameless for the time being, is rendered beautifully by Gene.  The shadows outlining his facial movements give off a wonderful 3D effect.  It gives us a great view of each gentle bite.  He is beautifully drawn by Gene, with a very sexy cock and face.  Even though the vampire first appeared totally naked, we added a bit of traditional vampire attire in the form of a bow tie, just for fun.
Byron too is amazingly rendered here. I love how his cock looks like it is tight, sensitive and ready to explode at any second!  I guess he is under a spell to keep in on the edge of cumming.  Gene once again takes an opportunity to show the world how much he loves Mr. Durand.  The 3D like motion of the face, the washboard abs and the big plumb bosom of Byron were all made stronger I am sure, due to his drive to draw this beloved character.

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