Sunday, September 4, 2016

Spooky Surprise For Fillion

Hey guys! Another sweet treat for Patrick birthday came from myself and Xlyph. Always awesome to work with my old friend.  Xlyph enjoyed the idea so much, he had it done before I could say 'Boo.'  Speaking of boo, I wonder if sucking on Ghostboys dick tastes like Booberry? XD Well, I am never going to find out through experience, but his creator Patrick Fillion might be able to tell us.  Especially after an offering of a birthday blow job.  Seems Ghostboy doesn't mind getting a little suck off strange every now and again.  (At least after the events of 7 Days.)  Of course offering it to ones creator is hardly cheating.  Still, we promise we won't say a thing to Bruon GH. (wink.)

I hope you guys enjoy this wickedly beautiful treat from Xylph!  I know Patrick and I already have!  :D

Please check out his art at:

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