Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dimata My Lucky Mammoth!

Lastmanouthere was out there for me alright!  In the early morning hours of my birthday, he was hard at work, sending something very special.  We have worked together since 2009 and while he has been away for a bit he is back to drawing again. He said he wanted to finally send me his take on Dimata, the character he feels is this blogs most iconic. That was a wonderful thought and a magical image to wake up too!  to start (And an amazing way to continue our adventures together again!)  Dang, Lastman has been putting that new stylus of his to some good use! Dimata is looking so solid and yet so sweet and shy. I love that he is ducking down into the frame so he can fit in to the card! So cute! I think this Dimata might be divine beyond his sexiness.  Only moments after opening this, I was given a scratch and win Tetris card.  I won three times on it!  I'm not a multimillionaire, or anything, but I did win $12 and that was enough to make jump for joy. Thanks again dear Lastmanouthrere!

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