Friday, May 30, 2014

Striking A Demonic Pose: Gojioni And His Monstrous Cocks!

 "Come on, step closer, young mortal stud.  Bend down before me and worship.  Take my long, smooth, uncut dick into your mouth.  Give in to temptation.  I dare you."

Continuing the spectacular birthday celebration week, I have Aneros's first completed image of Gojinoi.  As I mentioned in the past, Aneros played a huge part in this creatures creation.  He was the first to give the Oni a shot.  He did many sketches of the character.   We went over many different horn variations together.  It was not easy to settle on the horns he would and wouldn't have.  It was thanks to the sketches and all the hard work Aneros did, that I got my first inspiration regarding Gojionis true back story.  In fact, it was from goofing around with one of his sketches that I playfully gave Gojionis tail a personality of it's own. ;P  Aneros and I have decided to keep those images in the vault for now, but I hope you will enjoy this red hot image of Gojioni by him. Just the very start of our adventures with him, for sure. :D  

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