Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog Exclusive Resident Evil: Stars Transformation!!

I want to dedicate this blog to all you Resident Evil fans, Especially the awesome Devilman and Busiris! XD (Who will so beat me for this.)

Man I have been really blogging this month huh? Ha, well when I go on vacation this will either continue, or drop, cause with Mario Galaxy 2 coming out and my b-day around the corner, that means games galore!..I can't see me spending any time at the PC! Hey I am old school! Mario rocks! XD And speaking of games coming out that I want, I am hoping to get Resident Evil 5 next week as well... :P Yeah I am behind the times a bit!

Resident Evil has some really sexy guys in it. (DUH) Chris and Leon get a LOT of exposure. These sexy Capcom men really deserve it of course. Surprisingly I almost never seen anything based on Carlos. After playing Umbrella Chronicles, (I love rail shooters btw) I feel for him big time. How did this stud fall under the radar? Around Christmas time I started to get some ideas for him and Jill. I really like Jill A lot. If you want to know about my Resident Evil history it's not that deep. Funny enough my first encounter with the RE gang was in Card Fighters Clash on NeoGeo Pocket and then in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on Dreamcast. If you haven't played the original Card fighters, you really should emulate it, or pick up a NeoGeo pocket cheap on E-bay. I don't go big into card games, but this one is perfect. The DS version is not bad either, but complicated stuff needlessly. Anyway I had not played Resident Evil at that point, but was very eager to use her Ms. Valentine in fighting game form. She became my favorite new character along with Hyato. When the Gamecube game came out I refused to use Chris whenever I played for the first couple months...I had such a crush on her. Ha ha ha.. XD My family and I had so many great times playing that title. (I was always forced to take control as others played navigator) Everyone was too scared shitless to pick up the controller. Anyway enough of my RE history...

As I said I wanted to do something with the RE gang for some time. There is a lot of Resident Evil art out there, so I wanted to be behind the production of something a little different. I asked around got some positive reactions and then put the idea on the back burner, while other projects took precedence. About a week ago I got some cravings for it again and while I sat at work I had a neat idea to make it even better. I contacted Urbanmusiq regarding producing it of it right away. Now Urbanmusiq is right up there with Devilman in regards to being a super fan. They both have Chris figures! XD (Check out there sites!) So I had a funny feeling he would like this idea. Not only did he like it, he started working on it at such a feverish pace that he made my head spin! He loves Chris, so I had to ask him to be in it. When you know an artist loves a character, you KNOW the end results will be mind blowing!
And check out the results...MY lord...this is so hot I could not contain it! This spectacle had to go on this blog right away!!! Check it out folks the Newest Master work of Urbanmusiq, looks like Jills got some trouble!

A new Experiment Healing Herb that should bring back people humanity, had a little too much man power... XD Now she's temporarily a strong bucksome young man! Chris and Carlos cannot control themselves for one second!!! They are not going to miss this opportunity!!!

Holy shit! The detials!!!! Urbanmusiq ALWAYS outdoes himself, but this really knocked my ass out of the chair like I got hit by shotgun from Jill!!! XD Boom there was an explosion in my shorts! Chris's soft hair with it's highlights alone is just so freaking hot!!!! Now that's a do I want to cuddle against! I honestly spent 2 mins tonight just looking at that hair do and perfect face. No lie! I told you guys he loves Chris and Chris loves his pen...He takes total command of him, oozing perfection onto the page. He is just busting out all over! Those nipples are gonna burst through that shirt in about one second! Love how even his belly button is showing through his super tight shirt. Fuck! I can't stand it!!!! XD It's great how Urban positioned his torso I am having a hard time explaining this, but with his head tilted like that and his shoulders in that sorta pushed back position, it kinda makes you look up at him, like your eyes move from his lets to his head, giving him this kinda towering feel.

Then there is Jill, what a triumph of deigns she/he is! This was such a fun idea to do as we bounced ideas off each other. When Leon added the Blush in the flats I laughed my butt off. I just remember opening the file, my mouth quivered and I could stop giggling. Coupled with her great great facial expression (such beautiful eyes and pouty lips by the way.) and pink effeminate nipples, penis head and perfect hand placement, she turned out EXACTLY as I hoped she would. The floppy hat, the big shoulder armor, the big chest and freshly created cock wicked man. You read my mind.
This was not an easy task cause I could have been really picky with Jill!!! She's my um..girl? LOLZ. This is the first time she would be drawn as man, (That I know of.) So I knew Urban would understand how important this concept was ready to sit with me and make sure she was exactly what I had in mind if needs be. Truth is as you will see from the original sketch Urban got her perfect from the get go!

Carlos, my dream boat, really came out perfectly too. I had my doubts about the stubble on his face, but in the end it's made him even more desirable! Urban grabbed all his defining features from the two games he is in, combined them, mashed them with his own magic and created a Latino super Stud! Take that Capcom! Now give this boy more roles!!! XD
Oh my gosh, my heart...that hair parted like that, waving on the side of his head blowing a bit, is so freaking sweet. (Carlos is sporting my favorite hair style.) I grabbed my own chest as I looked into those amorous eyes and devil may care smile, befitting that of a true Latin lover. I just have to tilt my head and sigh, cause he is so fucking melty....I think the way the light is hitting his face just right. It really brings out the handsomeness of his face even more. (love the shadow on this nose, nice touch.) Excellent design. I'm gonna say it, this Carlos is sexier then he is in the game. Some Capcom fan is gonna hadoken my ass for that comment.. XD

This is the Special Foreskin lovers edition! I love to see foreskin over the head of a cock and Urban can do it so well! I couldn't resist! I gave him very specific ideas for the cock design on flaccid Jill and Urbanmusiq did the cock head with the foreskin placed like that perfectly!

The original can see how little had to be change, but how so MUCH awesomeness was indeed added!!!

Thank you so much Urbanmusiq, you are a treasure my friend! You get an S rank from me every day! ^_^


  1. I shall beat you, my friend! *whack*
    You wanna be surprised? I'm okay with this. lol I think you know I don't really find myself liking gender shifting for the sake of pairing up in such a way, but this is transformation gender bending, which I can find myself enjoying once and awhile. :3 You did good, kid. (As I say this to someone older than me? Happy early birthday! <3) I love being an RE fanboy. I've stuck with the series since I wan introduced to it in '98. It makes sense to me that you love having that gay pairings, but it's so odd seeing them do that in an image like this. lol That's fanart for ya. That being said, it's actually pretty darn good and Urban always has some of the greatest looking images I see you get, hands down. :3 Interesting to see you get some RE stuff too. If you're a fan, we need to talk about it more! XD; As I am always talking to Devilman about it, and... MGS and... Silent Hill... and a bunch of other games. XD I love how we have such similarities. :B

    Ohshoot! Long comment. *poof*

  2. Thanks for kind words Busiris! Matt sure has a wild imagination! this oiece was really fun to do i cant deny that! :)

    And matt thanks for Linking Devilmans page with the Chris figurine!! OMG he looks just as hot in the STARS outfit - and even out of it with his open shirt! WOW!! i cnat do that with my BSAA Chris.

    anyway -- its always a pleasure working with ya DP! ;P

  3. LOL* poor Jill XD - FallenAngel

  4. Lmao.....i knew this had something to do with RE but i wasnt expecting Jill xD

    Carlos yhea, he has been a kind of obscure character just like Billy Coen (my second fav RE stud!!!!) just because hes only on one game (Leon shared his same destiny until Capcom adds him to RE 4) but i am soo surprised with the Jill idea xD i had the idea of a male Jill for years and people just looked at me in weird ways D: i am glad it finally take shape in here

    Damn...i cant ignore Carlos but Chris.....i LOVE each detail on him xDDDDD

    Soo your first RE was the gamecube remake (REbirth)? No wonder you become a fan since is the best RE game out there x3 i had the same experience (even with my familly all scared watching me playing or playing themselves at times ) but with the RE 1 on PS1 in 1996

    Time sure flys. Also since i been really busy and "offline" i wish you a happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

  5. I would like to see more of Urbanmusiq i am a fan of his on deviantart and would like to see more of his uncensored stuff.



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