Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun, Pirates and Beach Bums! Rylds EPIC! Hydarias Undersea Romance and MORE!

I got a few breath taking surprises this week. First off you might recall the image Ryld was working on last year. He took some time off and then started to tackle it again a couple months ago. I really can't use words to properly describe the level of detail and the awesome spectacle that is Rylds work. I can say in all honesty that this is the most detailed image anyone has ever done for me. Beyond that it's actually Rylds most stunning and breath taking work of all time. I can't imagine the amount to time and effort he but into this. I couldn't resist but to share a higher res then normal. So snatch it up while you can! LOLZ. I might go Scrooge later! Seriously folks, this image needs to be seen in full view for people to take in all the hard work Ryld put into this. I am not worthy, but so honored to present this to you guys Rylds magnum opus of art Prehistoric Pirates At Dawn:

You know you want them to board you, don't lie....

Wow, just freaking WOW....Dimata and Smilo meet the dawn, ready to take on adventure in ANY form! Can you smell the salty sea air, hear the call of sea dactyls and feel the wind in your hair? This looks like the movie poster, in fact it looks better then most of those. A friend of mine remarked that he thought it was art for a gay video game art book! I am still trying to wake up, this can't be for me... :O

I could sit for days typing this image up. Let's focus on the porny parts first! LOL, but just check out that foreskin detail on dear Dimata! Rylds trunk like cock looks even more so like a trunk dick mix, then I thought this concept could ever be portrayed. It looks so real! What a genius he is. Totally gifted. He topped it off with a cute little penis head poking up. ^_^ I talked to Ryld about circumcision scars and he gave Smilo one that looks so real you just want to reach out and stroke Smilos cock. That thing looks like it's so smooth to the touch. Bursting with passion. His cock head is like that of a living beings, stretched to its limit.

Don't get me started on that chest and belly button on Smilo. That belly button it so hot, so perfect. What a cum target! You just know that thing would be filled up with a sweet pool of jizz when Dimata cums all over Smilo, or when he jerks off! XD Sorry...I lost myself for a second there... I have to say that chest and abs on Smilo is representative of the chest almost every guy would kill to obtain in life! XD His hair and bandanna blowing in the air is so beautiful. The details of the shirt being lit up by the morning sun is so real.

I really am enjoying Dimatas many braids in his hair, his cool stubble all over his face, the thick hair on his body and then, the hard as stone chest chest that is smooth and barren of hair. That works so well. You just want to rub your hands against that for the the Captains chamber...sorry..where was I? XD

Dude, his cock is the most epic member you ever created. I know I said it already, but dang!!! Foreskin heaven. His outfit is really wicked. I am loving that vest to no end. Perfect colour and design! Ha, to think all I said was look at Garfield for his vest and shorts! LOL. Talk about going the distance!

The ship is just so wild. The sunlight pouring in between the pillars, the treasure and the canon alone are masterpieces with out the men! Ryld this is an epic that will be remembered for all time. It is impossible for me to explain my feelings. I really wish you all the best in your career. :)

To keep the sea theme going here are some great new images that follow that theme!!!

Ink-B once again took on the amazing Space Cadet and Lil' Deep with sexy results!!! This is his current quest, to keep producing images of his favorite characters and continue to level up. So any comments and suggestions are most welcome!

Postcards from Space!!! Cadet has the Keg do you have the THIRST?

So awesome man! He has a perfect chest and torso. You always give him such an adorable face. Beautiful blue eyes and full lips. Such an inviting smile! I like the inclusion of dog tags to his summer gear. I wonder if he has a any kind of military background now, or if he is just trying to lure more boys with a bit of playful danger! Of course Cadet would not go to the beach in any speedo that does not show off the shape off his penis huh? XD HA HA HA. Nice! I surprised you could contain it Ink! XD
They way Ink drew him, you just want to grab him from behind and wrap your arms around him. Of course he might just drop that Keg on you by accident if you tickle him! XD

Here is Inks new take on Lil' Deep, keeping in tune the buff build he has been getting. I really like how you gave him that massive hair do. It's a rugged look for him that works really well.
This Deep in sitting in sand of low tide and it looks like with that huge cock he might be having a hard time getting up! XD That thing is massive! It's so great to keep seeing his original member return. It was his first attempt at a Deep comic. :) This image is a work in progress, but it's already so hot. Wicked stuff. ^_^

Months ago Ink-B did a cute Lil'Deep comic strip from when he was younger. I should post that soon!

Ink-B was not the only one to draw Lil'Deep this week! Hydaria was busy on this second commission idea I sent him. Once again this artist worked so incredibly fast. And let me tell you something, he was not going to rest until this image was perfect. He has real devotion to his craft. Going over the image time and again, laughing and smiling with pleasure as he did so until is is just right.
He did such a great job on Camili-Cat I just had to see him do another Class character. It's been a long time since I requested some Mako Finn. I decided to show him these two hunks and he was ecstatic about taking them on.

Just the touch of you...Mako and Deep are so deep in love that just by looking into each others eyes and lightly touching each other sends them both over the edge...

The master of foreskin strikes again.. ha! I really had to see him do these boys with the skin half over the head, he does that so well! XD The extra thick cocks are so wonderful. Gosh..Makos fined foreskined phallus is perfect! The cock head is a dream come true alone! I really like Deeps cute, tight, bouncy balls! Hydaria make Deep so well built and handsome. He gave him lots of great details on his tail and his dorsal fin. The Dorsal looks like it is nice and light and thin. Sweet.
And how hot is Mako fin? He's so handsome, those eyes staring straight into Deeps being focused on his lover even as he releases his orgasm, that's so gripping... :) Both boys have gorgeous chests and to die for nipples!!! Gosh even the toes and toe nails are sexy!
These boys literally glow in the sunlight, which Hydaria has streaming down on them. When he told me he couldn't wait to do them underwater, I had no idea how romantic the effect would be on the image. Another Hydaria epic! Thank you so much Hydaria, you know I will be back for more if you ever open up again. ^_^ You were such a delight to commission. You got what it takes man. :)

From Deep to Tonia! The following is a gift from a new artist on the scene, the Amazing Sunnyboys!
I asked for a commission, but he insisted on doing this wonderful image as a gift. What a gentleman! He even had me do up the dialog with out seeing the final image for the fun of it. I think it came out great, you just have to read it Manga style! XD

Hey Sunny thank you so much for taking on Tonia! You made him into a perfect prehistoric beach bum! Love his long wet hair and sweet tan! That's such a perfect new look for him. I know I am going to ask it be used in future images! Hee hee. I want to go swimming with him and Sunny all day! The additional plates all over his body look great. I really like how they are around his pubic area, leaves something to the imagination. :P It was fun coming up with the dialog, with only a brief description of the image.
Sunny is so sexy in that body suite! The detail on the surfboard is outstanding man. I did not know you would go to such amazing lengths with that! WOW! You really outdid yourself. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift. :)
Sunnyboys is looking to create some comics based on his OC's. Take the time to stop by and ask him all about it. ^_^

I am going to end this with something hot off the presses so to speak! A commission I asked the wonderful artist Lordofthepipes last week to do. A wicked ass image of Carlos! I am very proud to be able to be first to show the results! This enigmatic young man hails from England and is known for his sexy takes on the men of One Piece and dragon ball! (Among others.) I really wanted to see what Carlos would look in his style. Check out the smooth results! ^_^

Carlos is over confident about beating the heat while he beats his meat! He doesn't see the massive sandstorm growing behind him! XD

I thought this was so classic right from the start. Lordofthepipes gave Carlos such a perfect expression, with his wide eyes and overzealous grin as he jerks off. The details on the fan and the plates are very impressive. Perfect actually. Love that neck, it's so curvy! XD He has a great chest as well. Looks like this younger Carlos by Urbanmusiq is very popular! I never thought about adding a sandstorm to the image, but it adds to vastness of the planet, as well as a bit of danger and humor to the image as well. A very welcomed touch. The twins suns look perfect! I wonder if he is really on Tatooine? XD I bet he would love to get with Luke...who wouldn't? Hmmm I think you just inspired a future commission Lordofthepipes! That's what amazing art does! ^_^
The image is simply delightful and you were awesome to watch work. Thanks so much for drawing for me and I hope this leads to many new commissions for you. Check him out guys, you are bound to have a great experience. :)


  1. they all look soo awesome ^_^

  2. All in all you got some real gems here as usual. Something to be proud of, my friend. :3 Actually I am proud to know I have seen... maybe most of them already! XD Sure, no surprises, but it's like being on the same page, which I like. Nice stuff. ^^ You write up enough, you need to be an author. You could do it. :B



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