Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ink-B Presents Kale and a wonderful gift from Caravaggia

Ok so I usually do a theme with each blog, but I am in a mood to present some stuff to you guys so not this time, just random hotness!!! First off Ink-B was looking to do some commissions and I wanted to give him something special. This is a character that I am pretty shocked never gets any love in this field. The super sexy Kale from Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas. He is so is he not on peoples radar? XD

7 years later and this guy still gets me excited! One of Dreamworks hottest guys made even sexier thanks to Ink-B! :)

This is gorgeous man! What a massive heaving chocolate chest Ink-B gave him. The muscles on his arms are so smooth and huge...drools... XD
Oh when I opened this how I regretted never asking for Kale till now! (I actually have a Kale commission still pending from last year and I am sure it will be great when it's completed.) What I think is so neat is how Ink-B made the waist wrap cloth see through like it is made out of silk. This is such a nice touch. It adds a soft touch to the character...Ink could not resist showing off his sexy mid section this way! LOL. Very creative. :)

Ink gave him such a gentle face! He has cute little brown eyes and big full lips. He looks much sexier here then in the movie. ^_^ I love that HUGE penis too. It's nice and thick!!! Kales King size cut cock commands complements! XD Ok that was lame.. HA ha ha! But DANG that thing is huge and thick! Love it! An amazing pillar and the pink head is so succulent! Nice shape, perfect colour and some nice details! XD I woke up to this image a 5 am this morning and I just could not sleep, I kept thinking about it!

Thanks Ink!!!!

Here is a work safe version:

This next image I was going to save for later, but I can't help it, I gotta share it. I got something way special in the mail this week. It was a letter from Caravaggia and in it was this every so beautiful image of my Dinoboy Romer!!! I was so thrilled when I opened the envelope. Not only was she thoughtful enough to send me an early birthday gift, she actually took the time to produce it on a papyrus sheet to match Romers Egyptian heritage! It's so awesome! The fact that I am nuts for both her version of Romer and Egyptian stuff, made this all the more special! XD I am very proud to present this:

Looks like Romer is the cake and I have the candle! He's so lean and sexy! NICE! What a smooth butt and beautiful eyes! I love his dripping cum of gold! LOL. That's awesome!

Thank you so much Caraggia this is such a sexy and cute gift! I feel like making a private room, just to hang this up in!

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